The SisterhoodHi, my name is Danielle and I’m a reality television junkie.  So naturally this week my television was semi tuned in to TLC’s new reality series The Sisterhood.  To be honest I can’t tell you much about the episode since I was flipping channels, but one scene did manage to fully capture my attention.  In this particular scene Domonique gathered the other pastors’ wives for a “Christian sex therapy” session.  What followed was what many would call pure blasphemy.

The ladies turned the session into a church service, complete with callbacks from the parishioners and everything.  The leader of the “therapy” proceeded to preach her sexual gospel to the ladies saying:

“We gotta keep it hot and poppin’ the bedroom.  Amen. Can I get a witness?  Sex is a ministry and it should be treated just like a worship service.  And by the time sex is over with, your man should be shouting ‘Hallelujah!’ or something.”

*Cue little old grannies passing out with church fans*

One First Lady, Tara, nearly jumped out of her weave at the mention of adding sex toys into their bedroom games and another, Christina, couldn’t stop blushing.   Some of the comments on social media sites bashed the ladies for discussing sex so openly and were mortified that they would “use the Lord’s name in vain.” Watching the show I did think it was strange for grown women, who are married and have kids, to be giggling like school girls at a peeled banana or acting like sex toys are the devil, but other than that I didn’t see anything wrong with them wanting to enhance their sex lives.

Yes, they are First Ladies, representatives of their churches and of the Lord, but umm, how do people think we get Pastors and First Ladies?  Only Mary was a virgin when she gave birth so in order for your favorite Pastor and First Lady to exist, somebody was knockin’ da boots.  Word to H-Town.  Just because these women are of the church doesn’t mean that they aren’t women and subjected to the same insecurities and requirements that other women are.  They want to make sure that they satisfy their husbands in the bedroom and I don’t see anything wrong with that.  Being a sexual creature doesn’t make them any less committed to The Word than the rest of us who twerk on Saturday and sing in the choir on Sunday.  Calling them ungodly, disrespectful, etc, simply because they are discussing their sex lives, in my opinion, says more about you than it does about them.  They are being women and wives, and anyone with something to say is being judgmental and I’m sure out of the two, being judgmental is a bigger sin.  But what do I know  *shrug*

In any case, I’m proud of the ladies for discussing sex so openly and showing the world that there is more to the image of First Lady than some hymn humming little bitty in a big hat.  They are women and apparently, they are also wives with husbands who are enjoying some great sex.  Now let the church say “Amen”  to that!

Do you think it’s taboo for First Ladies to discuss sex?

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  • bornliberian

    pastor wives are human too.

    • Joy

      born: In fact so human that they have stooped to doing a reality show

  • EST. 1986

    This is an example of how religion takes away the ability for one to be rational.

  • Fancypants

    Sex should be spoken about in the church, albeit tactfully. The only thing shared with young ladies is that you shouldn’t do it and that young laides who do are dirty and trashy. So after hearing that all of your life, you’re magically supposed to turn it off and feel good about it when you get married? I’m newly married and it’s taken a minute for me to get past those bad feelings and really enjoy sex with my husband.

  • Joy

    What’s taboo is for pastor’s wives to do a reality show. Really?? Seriously??
    How do they expect people to take religion seriously when it (religion) is mocked in a reality show

  • E.M.S.

    Sex shouldn’t be a taboo subject for anyone. Regardless of your religion or other personal views. Now I do believe there is a way to go about discussing it, but it wouldn’t be off limits.