Wrapping up the left over hype from fashion week, there is another huge event that has been sweeping the areas of Copenhagen, Hamburg, Lagos, Milan, Miami, New York, Paris, Singapore, Tokyo, and Washington D.C.

Connecting growing entrepreneurs and businesses with the framework for success, Social Media Week is the FREE worldwide conference exploring the social, cultural and economic impact of social media.

Class is in session as we have conjured up important tools from social media week (New York version) thus far to help you develop and build your personal and professional brand. Whether some of you Clutchettes are looking to branch out into the entrepreneurial world, are existing community managers, or just want to develop your method of personal branding, we have some brief tools to help you make your mark on this evolving world of social media.

Brand strategist from Percolate, Alexis Jay, honed in on three tools that happened to be highlighted and reiterated numerous times throughout the social media workshops: As a brand you need to define your purpose, voice and look. You want to appear authentic, consistent, and unique. Steer away from releasing any dull information that can become a social lullaby. “Nobody wants to have a relationship with a machine.”

Providing authentic content will emotionally drive in an audience who feel that they can relate, engage and be a part of your brand.

1. Purpose

Answer these questions: Do you know why your brand is on Facebook? Why do you have a Twitter or a Tumblr? In building your brand, you must first identify the purpose. Sometimes we may not find a need for Twitter, but will have victories through Instagram and Facebook. Establish a character for your brand and and personify it.

Create a short mission statement and an objective that states what your brand is about, how you want people to view your brand and why there is a need for it? Whether your brand is funny or you hope to target young women contemplating college, understand that your purpose is to successfully get your objective across through these various social media platforms.

2. Voice

You want your brand to be conversational, to represent a personality but you don’t want to talk hair one day, cuss out the Lakers the next, and then promote something totally left field day three. In social media, it’s vital to have one consistent voice. Create a list of what your brand is versus what it isn’t. That will help you to create the boundaries of your voice and to focus on what is relevant to you and your brand. And whether you produce content like a shaky camera, clean cut or conveyed like a perfect print ad, figure out why the content matches your brand’s voice.

Creating reference guides, glossary terms and twitter hashtags also play a huge part in having people discover your content and sharing it.

3. Look

Do you know what your brand looks like? If not, define it. Create a style guide that matches your purpose and voice. Develop a brand manifesto that answers these questions: Why is my brand here? How do I want people to see my brand? Who am I trying to relate to?

*Bonus: Choose the right platform. Be platform (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram) specific. Some content may be great for Facebook in a broad sense, but not for Twitter. Understand what content serves compliments what social outlet. As a brand you also want to define your own aesthetic.

This week has hosted conferences from “How to be funny in 140 characters,” to diving into conversations about the future trends in entertainment and media. Social media week is winding down but there are still some great free open sessions to attend last minute. It will also be revisiting September!

Check here to watch workshops online, register, and attend open sessions.

-Nikki B.

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