The Grammys producers tried their hardest, but nothing was stopping celebrities from showing off their assets on the red carpet yesterday evening. Whether in sultry form-fitting sequin gowns or sheer cut-out dresses that left little to the imagination, the theme of the night was uninhibited sex appeal.

While the music kept us thoroughly entertained (Bob Marley tribute! Justin Timberlake!) and the awards disappointed, our focus was mainly on the fashion and beauty. Every hairstyle was represented from the low ponytail to the beautiful, billowing ‘fro. And where we had pegged some stars as safe, they truly surprised us by thinking outside the box and taking adventurous risks.

Though looks varied from pantsuits to gowns with sexy slits, there was a common theme among the attendees: skin (and shapes) are in!

Take a look at some of our favorite fashion moments from the night.

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  • Val

    I can’t believe I’m saying this but, I thought Bey looked great. She looked really classy.

    • kc

      I know, right? I love Beyonce’s look. I thought it was high-minded and sophisticated. That’s something I’d actually wear out.

  • Mehhhhhhhhhhh to Ashanti’s outfit. But I love Esperanza…ah she’s a delight. I think she could have done without the jacket. Solange = STUNNING. Kelly Roland = SHOCKING & SURPRISING; absolutely loved the design. Rih = ROUGE! That color was amazing. If she had bangs, I would have been more content with the look. JLO = …*crickets*

  • Kelly and Solange owned it, imo.

    I’ve been a huge fan of Solange’s look as of late…

  • niki

    Kelly Rowland its your year now!!!!!!

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