sweetIt’s funny how a person becomes a YouTube “sensation”. I mean look at Justin Bieber, he started out on YouTube, and now he’s being busted by TMZ for smoking weed and driving Ferraris. In the case of Sweet Brown, there she was minding her business while her apartment was burning down and a reporter decided to interview her. Then this happened:

I ain’t got time for that.

As YouTube memes go, all it takes is for someone to post a clip online for it to go viral. And that’s exactly what happened with Sweet Brown. I ain’t got time for that was the catch phrase that pays. Not only does Sweet Brown ain’t got no time for bronchitis, but she doesn’t have time for toothaches either. Last week, Sweet Brown’s commercial for a dental clinic in Tulsa hit the airwaves:

Sweet Brown also has her own website with t-shirts with her catch phrase, and even a soda named “Oh Lord! It’s a fire”. In between making media appearances on shows like Jimmy Kimmel, and hanging out with Shemar Moore, Sweet Brown also landed an appearance in Tyler Perry’s “A Madea Christmas”. But her rise to fame doesn’t stop there, in an interview with Hot 97, she also revealed that she’s signed on to be a co-host on the popular TV show “Cheaters.”

And how cool is it to have Beyoncé use your catch phrase after the Super Bowl?

Sweet Brown may not have time for bronchitis or a toothache, but she has the time to ride her 15 minutes of fame to the bank.

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