From the colorless cover of Vanity Fair‘s Hollywood issue to the infrequent covers featuring black women on Vogue Magazine, it’s clear that racial diversity is just not a priority to several top publications despite the varied ethnic backgrounds of their readers. T Magazine now joins the pantheon of white-washed magazines as the first issue edited by incoming editor Deborah Needleman was devoid of a single model or subject of color. Once the lack of diversity was brought to Needleman’s attention, she offered this explanation:

It was something I noticed and regretted as we were putting the issue together. We are a global magazine and so would like the content , subjects and geography of stories to reflect that. In coming issues, we cover the people and places of Seoul, São Paulo, Kenya, Bollywood actors, Nigeria, etc. A majority of fashion models are still unfortunately mostly white, but it is our aim to celebrate quality and beauty in all its diverse forms. We can and will aim to do better, but our goal is first and foremost to deliver the best stories we find, and it is my belief that quality and good journalism appeal to all of us regardless of our specific ethnic origins.

Her statement is interesting. Though a global perspective is a welcome change, why would she need to leave the U.S. to add more color to T Magazine‘s pages? And do magazines get a pass for not including models of different backgrounds since the majority of working models are white?

Some agree with her logic but I still believe magazine editors and publishers could easily achieve diversity if it was important to them. What are your thoughts, Clutchettes?

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  • Why do we care that we aren’t featured in their magazines? If they don’t want us there why are we crying to be in them? My mom always said don’t go where you’re not wanted. If you want to see black people in a magazine read a magazine that gladly features us. I used to read womens health mag all the time but I stopped because they never featured women of color, if they don’t have people like me in their magazine, then I’m not going to give them my money. Simple as that.

  • leomi

    Here we go again. I really wish we as black people would stop complaining over not being included in the white world. I don’t see whites angry over Ebony! This magazine was created by a white person, for white people, why would they go out of their way to include blacks? If we want to see more brown/tan women, then we need to create our own magazines! Why depend on whites for rotten scraps, when we can plant our own tree and have the freshest, juiciest fruit!

    • Somebody


  • Melody

    Just don’t buy or read T magazine. If they want our dollars, they’ll wise up.

  • I agree with you! If they really wanted to diversify the magazines, they would! There are over a million “ethnic” models in the US that they could chose from, but they still chose not to, it baffles me. In the magazine industry there is a big gap in racial standings, why must we (African Americans) have our own “issue” once a year, we should have our own magazine. I mean, honestly, would Caucasians feel a certain type of way if an African American magazine had an “All White Issue”? It would be an unfortunate world if roles were reversed.