To say that Ted Nugent doesn’t like the Democrat party, would be an understatement.  Nugent has been very vocal about his disdain for Democrats, especially President Obama.  Just take a second to read a few of his newest ramblings on  the  ultra-conservative World Net Daily:

“Barack Obama, the guy who received roughly 93 percent of black American votes, is the clear and present engineer of the destruction of black America. It’s not all the president’s fault, but the economic and social policies he endorses are destroying what is left of a once proud and strong black America.”

I didn’t realize Black America was so important to Nugent, besides the fact he’s known for making offensive statements about Black Americans, such as:

In honor of Black History, Nugent thought it would  be a good idea to name his  new tour the “Black Power 2013”, because he celebrates Black History Month. He contributes the music of Bo Diddley, Little Richard, James Brown and Wilson Pickett in launching his career.

“Indeed, the tapestry of black America is rich and vibrant. I don’t celebrate Black History Month. I celebrate it every day, as my very black-inspired musical dreams could not have been successful were it not for black Americans. My fire-breathing musical career was literally launched by black musical thundergods such as Bo Diddly, Little Richard, James Brown, Wilson Picket, Sam & Dave, Albert King, BB King, Freddie King, the mighty Funk Brothers, and the epitome of Rock ‘n’ Roll Gods, the master, Chuck Berry. The music these gentlemen created gave birth to my music and all great, moving, soulful music. We owe it all to them. Regrettably, the study of modern-day black history by future historians will not be bright or rich. I predict the fundamental blame for this will be laid at the feet of the Democratic Party”.

“There is no doubt that my 2013 tour will be the best of my life,” he writes. “With world-class virtuosos paying tribute to our black heroes nightly, it is only fitting that this year’s tour is aptly titled, ‘Ted Nugent Black Power 2013.’ Say it loud: my music is black and I’m proud!”

I find it hard to believe confederate flag carrying Nugent gives a damn about Black Americans and nothing more than a mere publicity stunt for his tour.


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  • Kay

    I interpreted his entire spiel about Black musicians as:

    “Thank you Black musicians for the music I can appropriate whenever I see fit. I understand that your contributions were not always appreciated as you were not even played on mainstream White radio half the time, but I will be sure to get continued riches and fame from your under-appreciated talent. Oh, and I totally get that Black musicians aren’t credited for influencing an entire generation, but that’s all the fault of those damn liberals. I could use my considerable influence to inform the public and rectify this, but I’ll be too busy touring.”


  • Pseudonym

    Announcent to race-obsessed Republicans: Bush stole the last election which means the country was voting democrat four years before Obama was put on the ticket and the democratic candidate was a white man. Unfortunately, McCain didn’t have a brother he could reach out to for a “recount.” Also, majority of black American voted democrat in that election as well. For the white man. So, stop using Obama’s race as your scapegoat for failure.