AgeingI’ve been looking in the mirror for the past several weeks, noticing for the first time, that my forehead has perma-wrinkles. I keep slathering on moisturizer, as if dousing my face in enough cream will somehow make those fine lines disappear (news flash, it won’t).

Growing older is the pits — it sneaks up on you without warning and suddenly you look like a saggy faced, scowl-y version of your former self. So in the interest of commiseration, we’ve compiled a list of the 17 absolute most annoying things about aging. Check out our list after the jump, and then share yours in the comments.

1. Face Hair: ”My face has gotten so much hairier–I really hope there’s an end in sight to this trend.”

2. Music: ”I don’t understand the musical choices of today’s youths.”

3. Friends: “Making new friends seems like such a hassle.

4. Noise: “I’m getting crankier about young people making unnecessary noise. Turn that racket down!”

5. Babies: “I actually have a ticking biological clock and it’s getting LOUDER by the minute.”

6. Joints: “My joints get crickety and creaky.”

7. Wrinkles: “I have comma wrinkles around my mouth and permanent lines in my forehead.”

8. Memory: “I cannot remember dick anymore: names, movies, books, song titles, etc. I can only remember first names or last names and I have to look everything up on Google to figure out the rest.”

9. Back Aches: “My back hurts more than it every has before and I have to stand up more slowly sometimes.”

10. Lower Pain Thresholds: “I still like to wear high heels but my patience for the pain has gone way, way down.”

11. Lackluster Social Life: “I’d rather read a good book in bed most nights than be out late at a bar.”

12. Need More Sleep: “If I get less than 6 hours of sleep, I am a loser the next day.”

13. Skin Issues: “My skin is getting saggy in weird places.”

14. Hair: “I’ve started having grey hair, and it’s coming in at an alarming rate.”

15. Birthdays: “I’ve lost interest in having a birthday party.”

16. Weight: “I now gain weight in my stomach when I never did before.”

17. Drinking: “I can’t drink without getting a horrible hangover the next day. I used to drink Makers Mark like it was water.”


This post originally appeared on The Frisky. Republished with permission.

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  • Tallulah Belle

    While there is some unavoidable aging going on in one’s 30’s, the growth of copious amounts of facial hair is likely the result of hormone imbalance. This happens as we age, but it can happen quite rapidly if you are not vigilant about balancing them. It can be slowed, if not stopped by introducing natural supplements like Maca, Vitex (Chaste Berry), Bee pollen, Flax and Omega oils, Blackstrap molasses, Evening Primrose oil and a plethora of Chinese herbs, including those that raise one’s progesterone level. If you are serious about maintaining your beauty and your fertility as you age, naturally, it is extremely important to get disciplined and do some research about the impact of insulin resistance and hormonal balance. As well, a certain fat to muscle ration is key as well.

    Ultimately, it is important to remember that older women can be very beautiful and aging, albeit difficult, is not an “ugly sentence.” There are gorgeous and healthy women out here in there 50’s and 60’s and 70’s. As my father always says: with the right care, maintenance and discipline, Black women can maintain their beauty until you put them in the ground. For Heaven’s Sake, Ladies, do research, get disciplined and take excellent care of yourselves.

  • Ange B

    #4…and its not just young people is any type of noise. I loathe when I’m riding a quiet bus home..reading and then loud people enter and disrupt the whole flow of the quiet bus.

  • I find myself trying to muster up interest in dating, but finding that sometimes, it’s not worth the hassle. Yet another sign of growing older.

  • Getting older is definitely tiring. I just try and make the best of situations. Obviously getting wrinkly and getting grey hairs come hand in hand with getting older, but what you do to make the best of it is another thing. I’m not worried about looks, I’m worried about the stuff that happens internally. Keep healthy and stay active!

  • Another annoying thing about getting older is losing the drive. I lost my drive cause my doctor said I have low testosterone levels. Which is very sad I know. Also I’m starting to lose my hair which isn’t fun.