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Whether you have relaxed or natural hair, sometimes you just need a break from doing your hair, period. You might be overwhelmed by your morning hair routine, or just ready for a new look.

Clutchettes, we’re not here to judge, just help, so here are some tips if you’re considering trying a weave for a while.

1. Ironically, weaves look best when they look like your actual hair so get a texture that’s as close to your natural curl pattern as possible. That way new growth won’t be painfully obvious and you won’t have to flat iron your hair (hello, breakage!) as often.

2. Get a full-weave instead of having your front hair or a large chunk of hair at the crown of your head exposed. It’s better for your hair to be fully protected for the life of your weave.

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    My best tip for wearing a weave, is to go natural. Have a great day!! :-)

    • Lo

      You can be natural and have a weave at the same damn time!

  • apple

    i say get it sew in that isn’t too tight.. moisturize the braids..and when picking hair , get remy because human hair gets raggedy too fast..and if your looking for a good match, over time, Velvet Remy starts to look like your hair(if its straighten) but doesn’t tangle

  • kc

    Can I make a little request? I’d love to see more info on locs! There’s a lot of weave and loose natural hair tips out there already.

    • Jaslene

      You are right once in a blue moon we have tips for locs. I’m a loose natural but always appreciate the tips they give for those with loc-ed hair.

    • ImJustSaying

      I third that motion in the mean time I check out chelsealocs on youtube. Definitely helpful and funny

  • Jaslene

    At the end of the day not. I just have the patience to see someone and hope that they won’t cause to much tension in my head or braid to tight. I like weaves and can be appealing but overall I am going to choose comfort over style.

  • Keshia

    Why is my girl Tyra looking all types of non-black?? Ehh but weaves are fun…but I think the most important tip is picking a texture similar to your own hair ex. Bobraz, kinky straight,kinky curly, light Yaki, or coarse Yaki. You don’t want to kill your leave out.