Tracey Edmonds Robert L. Johnson, founder of The RLJ Companies, and Tracey E. Edmond’s have joined forces to launch a new digital network. Alright TV will launch on Easter, March 31st. The network’s aim, in collaboration with YouTube, will provide comedies, talk, reality and music, along with Sunday church services streamed from around the country.

“I am very excited about the launch of Alright TV and the broad array of diversified producer-generated content that has been produced and made available through the channel,” said Johnson. “Tracey is an award-winning producer and I am confident that viewers will enjoy the new digital series that she and her team have developed featuring well-known artists and personalities from the faith-based, reality, sports and entertainment industries. Alright TV’s content and collaboration with YouTube represents the spectrum of new and exciting opportunities for consumers and advertisers,” he concluded.

“Alright TV is a groundbreaking channel that will revolutionize faith-friendly content viewing and will feature premiere talent along with rising stars,” said Edmonds. “There has been, and for some time, a lack of availability of faith-based, family friendly programming on television. Alright TV, in collaboration with YouTube’s global platform, fills this gap by making the genre available to everyone.”

The new network will combine Johnson’s and Edmonds’ vast knowledge of the entertainment industry. Their production studio, Our Stories Films, is the first African-American owned film production studio, with popular  movies such as “Jumping the Broom”, already under its belt.

For more about Alright TV visit www.youtube.com/alrighttv or www.alrighttv.com.

Is Alright TV a network you would tune into?

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  • Wow

    We don’t need religion….we need quality scripted tv shows, talk shows, entertainment and health and living shows.

    • The Bishop

      Speak for yourself our greatest generation of African American leaders, innovators, poets, and statesmen/women came from the generation that was deeply rooted in the church. I’m tired of people discounting God or the church like he/it really didn’t help you. We’ve digressed as a people while looking at secular TV shows, talk shows, and entertainment. Maybe we need to get back to our ROOTS, instead buying into the American Dream scratch that I mean NIGHTMARE, because what we are doing now ain’t working.

    • CCN

      Trust, our true religious roots don’t reside in Romanized Algo-Saxon Judeo-Christianity.

      Our religious roots are what are ancestors practiced before the European imposition, as well as the version Eastern Orthodox Christianity practiced by modern-day Ethiopians.

    • Wow

      So now you limit those same talented black people to the black church? When the next great black innovator is an atheist—what do you do with your statement? When all of these people that you esteem and want to claim as having their origin in the church—have never seen a black baptist minister—where do you attribute their success.

      Sure the black church has their place in fostering, mentoring and instilling values in people who follow that faith. But don’t forget that the greatest mission of the black church during the Civil Rights Era was to fulfill the promise of equal rights. That one day….you would not need the black church to be successful because people who were not non-white men would be able to create businesses, city councils, schools and communities that reflect the belief of those involved.

      And who are you to define what OUR ROOTS is? That is another flaw of black ministers…..they take upon themselves to define what is black and what black history consist of. I have an aunt that makes a monthly pilgrimage to Africa. She performs rituals and paints her face while singing and chanting with her fellow African (I have no idea what country) family. To her…that is her roots.

      Africa is one of the largest continents on the planet. The people birthed out of that land are too numerous too clump together into one melting pot of what you wanna’ call black.

      I love the history of the Black Disapora. As I’m sure you do too. And I love the story of America of which my ancestors built, defined and help innovate. I will not disrespect them by ignoring my divine responsibility to achieve the American Dream.

    • The Bishop

      @CNN That might be true but we need to get back practicing some type of faith based religion, because the crap that is being produced now is in directly correlation with our continual slide from grace.

    • YesIdid

      They want to produce faith-based programming. If you don’t like it produce your own stuff. I’m sick and tired of people being disrespectful of religion. It’s on the internet. You have to do more work to get to it than on TV.

  • NutmegPrincess26

    I will be watching, Issa Rae created a series with this channel.

  • classoffitness

    It could be a hold lot worst? she doesn’t have to many new shows.