Clutch Magazine: University Tells Women That Urinating or Vomiting Can Deter A RapistLets talk about how the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs is now backtracking when it comes to their “Last Resort Rape Prevention Tips”. Earlier this week, the UCCS public safety office thought it would be a good idea and benefit their lady students by posting some rape prevention tips. You know, things you should think to do at the last-minute right before you’re about to get raped to prevent it from happening.

The list had these little diddies among the tips:

  • Tell your attacker that you have a disease or are menstruating (oh, because rapists care about stuff like that)
  • Vomiting or urinating may also convince the attacker to leave you alone (more than likely it’ll make him even more incensed)

I’m not sure how many of you can either vomit or urinate on demand, but I’m not one of them. After social media got word of this absurd list, the hashtag #UCCSTips was born:

“#UCCSTips or if all else fails, ask attacker to pull your finger!” Jason Griggs tweeted.

Even conservative commentator Michelle Malkin heavily criticized the university on her blog:

They forgot a surefire deterrent: Dress up as a Code Pink activist.

More UCCS Tips to come…

– Offer your attacker a joint. It’s legal in Colorado!

– If vomiting or urinating doesn’t work, try passing gas.

2) Via Dana Loesch and Revealing Politics, Colorado state rep. John Salazar doesn’t think women need a gun to protect them from rapists. Instead, they should be happy with rape whistles. Click the links for video.

“Passive resistance” is what the gun-grabbers want to impose on all of us.

Time to fight like a girl.

After the university was criticized, it immediately removed the “tips” and offered an apology, sort of.

Clutch Magazine: University Tells Women That Urinating or Vomiting Can Deter A Rapist

About 15 years ago, I could have been a victim of rape. I imagine if I would have taken the time to figure out how to vomit or urinate on demand, it would have given my could-be-rapist enough time to you know, actually rape me. Thankfully I was taught how to defend myself with force and was able to deter him with a kick in the balls and a rock to the head.

Tom Hutton, a spokesman for the university, said the list had been taken out of context.

“It was part of supplemental information intended for women who had completed a self-defense class on campus,” Hutton told KRDO.


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  • ..and what happens when, as this article suggests, she shoots her rapist and goes to prison? Does she vomit on her cellmate?

    • Camryn

      Where exactly does it suggest that?

      Just bc someone handled their situation one way, doesn’t mean everyone else should.

    • The majority of female offenders in American correctional institutions are victims of abuse. That doesn’t come from the article that comes from Criminology. Have we conceded to being a society where you have two option: get raped or pack heat?

  • And if her rapist is actually turned on by bodily fluids, what do they suggest?

    Again, if I’ve learned anything from watching Law & Order: Special Victims Unit is that if some loser is crazy (for lack of a better word) enough to rape, its not likely anything will deter him. But I guess as usual, it’s up to the women to make sure she doesn’t get herself raped.

    • Right! People would be surprised about how many guys are turned on by bodily fluids such as pee so I don’t see how peeing wouldn’t get you raped. Clearly these people are grasping at straws because they need to come to the conclusion “YOU CAN’T TEACH OR TELL WOMEN HOW NOT TO GET RAPED”! If a person is determine to be a rapist and rape someone then you can’t stop that. You can teach how to be cautious in situations and pick up on some ques/red flags in certain situations but all this telling us how not to get raped is crazy. It is time to teach people how not to be rapist and deter that type of behavior.

  • Pseudonym

    A friend of mine was raped and told me that she was so shocked, confused, and afraid that she couldn’t even think to scream. If a woman can’t get out a so-called instinctual sound, how’s she going to get out a coherent sentence? or force yourself to vomit or urinate? I can’t vomit or urinate on demand. This advice is ridiculous and insulting to women as possible victims of rape.

    As other people stated, it’s disturbing that you can find more tips to women about how not to get raped rather than to men about how not to rape. Ridic.