Everyone has an opinion on Fashion’s Night Out, which was initiated in 2009 as a way to encourage consumers to shop during the economic slump. The supportive crowd feels it’s a great way for fashion enthusiasts to mingle with celebrities, frequent their favorite retail haunts and enjoy free champagne while detractors complain about the large crowds and the fact that no one buys anything…ever.

The setbacks to the citywide event were widely reported after mobs of fans chased Anna Wintour and Kanye West down small city streets in 2011. A year later, cops were enlisted to contain the growing mobs while stores saw little to no increase in revenue.

This week, the sponsors of “Fashion’s Night Out” announced a hiatus, leading us to believe they’re paying attention to all the criticism. Via Glamazons Blog:

“The sponsors of the event—Vogue, the Council of Fashion Designers of America, and NYC & Co.—made the joint decision to go on hiatus so retailers and designers can focus their budgets on projects that are more in line with their specific objectives, rather than a big event on one night in September.”

It’s interesting they mention budgets and objectives because one of the most resounding complaints was the exorbitant cost of producing Fashion’s Night Out events and the small return on investment.

While the fashion lovers who enjoyed star-sightings and free cocktails will surely miss the festivities, others are happy to see it come to an end.

What did you think about Fashion’s Night Out, Clutchettes? Is the decision to end it a smart one?

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  • I knew this was going to happen when the crowd was overwhelmingly “urban”. I saw the look in some of their eyes like “What are ‘they’ doing here!?”. I used to enjoy it; sales & champagne, whats not to love, but when the crowd changed, I knew it was ending.

    A lot of it was the younger kids: 21-26 who just went their to “stunt” and post pics on Instagram. Not to network or shop. So, I’m going to miss it, but this is NYC, and free champagne is not hard to come by.

    • I agree..even I took a step back after last year’s FNO.

      It was great when it wasn’t known esp when it started in 2009.

      I’ll miss it.

    • Hey I’m one of those 21-26 but I was NOT feeling the crowds at all. Last year’s was my first time going and I made it a point to make it my last…

    • Whatever

      Totally not surprised either. Honestly, the first year was the best. There were real deals and more perks… like champagne and cocktails. Oh, and actual sales. Last year, I found that Soho had all the youngins and 5th Ave (where I was) had the more mature crowd. While I agree there was a pretentious undertone, I don’t think it was the urban crowd that did it. The stores are being cheap! Last year they were selling cocktails and food. Also, there weren’t any real deals… so what’s the point? Booze me up for free and offer a decent discount and I would gladly have a ball shopping, trying on clothes and buying them with my girls while your well paid celebrity DJ spins our favorite tunes. Otherwise, I could do this shit anytime. *shrugs*

  • Val

    *wonders why Clutch continues to cover the one of the most racist and bigoted industries in the world*

    But, Liya Kebede is so beautiful in that photo.


  • bekah

    Yea FNO got really ratchet. Uptown was more tame last year but there was definitely a nutcracker hustle in the midst of it all in soho. No bueno

  • NicoleS

    It’s too bad that the baby is being thrown out with the bathwater. Fashion’s Night Out is a great idea, but the execution is really the problem. Many enjoyed – but no one really needed – the level of spectacle it had become.