Mater Mea

Of course there are plenty of mommy blogs out there but Mater Mea takes up the notch on online compositions about motherhood.

The site describes itself as “a celebration of the multifaceted lives of mothers of color, born from a simple idea: that mothers come from all different walks of life. In collaboration with these inspirational women, mater mea uses images and text to illustrate how they juggle womanhood, motherhood and their careers — and how all three worlds have influenced their unique sense of style.”

The site features authentic stories from across New York City — everywhere from Westchester County, Brooklyn, Harlem to the Bronx — in the most beautiful states of motherhood: at home with their children.

Mater Mea is stylized very much like a literary magazine, adding an intimate and effortless sense of cool to a pot of bubbling stories told by voices that often go untold.



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