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Last night I discovered Matthew Terry. Thank you Calvin Klein, for realizing that women and gay men watch the Super Bowl and sometimes a little eye candy is good for us. I may not be able to tell you the ending score of the game, or even what position Ray Lewis plays, but I can tell you Calvin Klein won me over with yet another underwear commercial.

I remember years ago Calvin Klein had Marky Mark in his skivvies, but this year it was all about 20-year-old model, Matthew Terry.

Just in cased you missed it:

Another commercial met with fanfare was the supposedly racist Volkswagen commercial. Not everyone on social media thought it was racist:



Which commercials were your favorites?

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  • Jame

    Loved the Montana stain commercial. Hilarious. The Doritos goat was pretty good. And the Taco Bell one was hilarious as well.

  • I loved the TACO BELL- Old People YOLO!!

  • E.M.S.

    I found it ironic and hilarious that after the commercial came on, a lot of guys were up in arms about it on twitter. So it’s okay for them to post naked “big booty hoes” all the time, but we can’t enjoy a male underwear model for 30 seconds? Sit down with your double standard gents.

    • Mademoiselle

      Right. Probably the same men drooling over the halftime show, too.