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Me: Amber Rose had a baby

My sister: Hasn’t she been pregnant for like 2 years?

Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose welcomed their new baby, Sebastian ‘The Bash’ Taylor Thomaz, into the world Thursday. “The Bash” is the first child for each of them. In true social media announcement form, they both tweeted about their new bundle of joy.

“Happy Birthday Sebastian ‘The Bash’ Taylor Thomaz!!! Everyone welcome this perfect young man into the world,” Wiz tweeted.

“Happy Birthday to our baby boy Sebastian “The Bash” Taylor Thomaz! I’m so happy u guys I fell in love all over again! :-)” Amber tweeted.

So does this new baby  mean Wiz Khalifa will change his weed smoking ways? Probably not. In a December interview with E! News, Wiz said he doesn’t plan on quitting.

“I think it’s all about how you’re raised with it,” the rapper said. “Before, there was a much more negative outtake on it. You know, pot and what it can do, and the effects of it.”

“Of course I’m not going to be smoking right there over the baby, because smoke in general and being high is not good for a kid. None of that,” he said. “But definitely he’s going to know what it is — and he’ll know the difference between being a child and not being able to use it and being an adult and knowing how to use it.”

So I wonder what Kanye thinks?

Kanye would probably say, “Yo Taylors, I’m really happy for you, but I’m about to have one of the  best babies of all time”

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