Saving MoneyEveryone that knows me knows that I am a budgetnista.  When it comes to saving money I’ve done everything from brown bag lunches and clipping coupons to eating PB&J sandwiches every day for a month to pay off a debt.  To me, these sacrifices are enough, but according to a newly released survey, most women would take it a step further and give up sex if it meant they could save a few extra dollars.

In the survey conducted by All You Magazine, more than 50% of women said they would give up sex for six months if it meant saving $2,500.  The magazine questioned 2,600 women between the ages of 21 and 59 and found that bargains loom large even in the bedroom.  One woman, Patricia Stewart, 37, says:

 “Sex is overrated! I could pay a lot of bills with that kind of money! Loans. Food. I wouldn’t splurge or nothing!”  

After reading about the survey I took to mass text messaging my closest friends to ask their opinion because as much as I hear them complaining about the lack of sex (or good sex) in their lives, I couldn’t imagine them agreeing to willingly give it up even if it was to save money.  Boy was I wrong.  Much like Stewart, my friends felt sex was way overrated and went as far as to say they would give it up forever if they were paid a decent lump sum amount.  Personally, I’m down to make that kind of sacrifice to save money, but it would have to be more than $2,500, I mean, momma has needs.  Push it up to $5,000 and we may have a deal.

So what about you Clutchettes….

Could you give up sex for six months to save money?  What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done to save a buck?

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