BC PillsSometimes it’s difficult for busy women to remember to pop a birth control pill every day. Some skip a day or two while others set daily phone reminders sure to alarm in the middle of a business meeting.

But what if there were a birth control pill that could be taken hours or after sex and still prevent pregnancy? Imagine it. Relish it. Now consider the idea coming to fruition.

Researchers at the National Institute of Health released a study of the “pericoital pill,” a potential contraceptive-blocking pill featuring a lower dosage of the same ingredient used in emergency contraceptive pills.

The pericoital pill would have less side effects than Plan B, but would be effective than condoms in preventing pregnancy.

The study found 58 percent of women surveyed are interested in the release of the pill while 65 percent would prefer not to take birth control daily.

Precoital is in the early stages of development.

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