Alpha Kappa Alpha By now I’m sure most of you have heard the tale of Laurin Compton and Lauren Cofield, two Howard University students who are suing the university and Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc for not allowing them into the organization and violating their human rights. While I could probably find a better example of human rights violations to bring before a court, these two young ladies are serious about their #firstworldproblem and feel they’re being treated differently because of their “familial status”—a protected class under the D.C. Human Rights Act, and are demanding justice and admittance into the pink and green world of AKA.

But if these ladies learned anything from their mommas, who happen to be members of AKA, it’s that Alpha Kappa Alpha takes its legacy very seriously and as such have clapped back against their lawsuit saying that despite the young women’s belief that it was their “birthright” to become AKA members when they wished, the sorority’s “Legacy Clause” does not guarantee membership:

“The Plaintiffs, two undergraduate women at Howard University and their mothers, bring this action because the undergraduate Plaintiffs were not selected to be initiated into AKA at this time, despite their belief that it was their “birth right” to become AKA members when they wished as Legacy Candidates because their mothers were active members in the sorority.

Despite the Plaintiffs’ disappointment and complaints, AKA did not violate the “Legacy Clause” in its Constitution and Bylaws, because that is not a guarantee of membership to a particular chapter, but simply provides for a priority process. More importantly, AKA had no ability to include these young women in the 2013 intake process of its Howard Chapter, because the strict application of membership caps imposed on AKA’s Howard University Chapter, in combination with AKA’s own intake regulations, made their admittance at this time impossible. AKA had no authority to lift or waive these caps.”

The fact that AKA had to even address this issue in the first place is just insane, but in a world where people feel entitled to every and anything and fail to see the importance of hard work and humility, I’m not surprised.
What are your thoughts on the lawsuit and AKA’s response?

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  • justanotheropinion

    A little simplistic, but once born, you have a right to breathe. Anything else must be earned.

    • CCN

      You don’t earn basic human rights, they are a birth right.

  • Mademoiselle

    A little off topic: Clutch I LOVE this new feature where you give commenters a chance to edit or delete their comment while it’s in moderation.

  • Joi

    The real issue is the pre-pledging that took place. Many, if not all of these girls on Howard’s campus are pressured to “chase” members in order to introduce themselves and begin to build potential bonds. Current members ask these girls to do “projects” in which interested members must come up with creative ways to showcase who they are to members. Members also persuade prospective girls to call them and “run their info” as well as the info of other Chapter members. Members are not supposed to have prospects give them monetary favors either but many a meal, Homecoming ticket, and otherwise has been purchased by prospects in order to appease a member. None of these things is “forced” on interested individuals but you don’t stand a chance of getting a majority vote if you don’t do these things.

    If the girls in this suit can bring up evidence in court of these activities (phone logs, text messages, etc.) then I could see this case actually holding some sort of weight beyond the whole Legacy Clause bit. There are so many things about this case that have yet to be divulged so we’ll see

    • HEY.

      This case probably went too far because at this point since they ARE going to graduate this spring and move on with their lives. I wonder though, if they still SEEK to be members though.

      In my mind, I highly doubt it since this case has gone viral. However, I think that they made it a point that Alpha Chapter has some deep seeded issues that they need to deal with more efficiently. Please, Alpha chapter, refrain from bullying the freshman and please, please, treat them as you would treat yourself. There is a LACK of respect for fellow brethren and it goes to show that these women felt belittled and flat out rejected from the very people who might have led them to believe otherwise.

      Yet, I’m sure with all Black Greek organizations, this will be another case forgotten until the next episode of Another Black Greek Case.

    • Howard Alumn

      Neither of these girls participated in such acts. In fact, one of them walked around campus refusing to speak to the current members and just being rude. No wonder they did not want her… Its just not sisterly. So please only speak of things you truly know about. Discretion

  • AnGe

    ” in a world where people feel entitled to every and anything and fail to see the importance of hard work and humility…”

    Everything a person needs to know about American culture today is summed up in that quote