We’ve all heard the old adage “black don’t crack” and more than a few of us believe it’s true, according to a recent survey by Allure Magazine. The glossy polled 2,000 women and men about aging and learned that 86% of the African-American participants believed they age the best (only 81% of Asians, 53% of Hispanics/Latinos and 46% of Whites/Caucasians answered that way about their ethnic group).

From our own mothers and grandmothers to celebrities like Halle Berry, Phylicia Rashad and Iman, we take pride in watching black women age with wrinkle-free skin, glowing skin and age-defying beauty.

Our confidence in aging extended to other questions on the survey as well. 81% of black women said they look younger than others their age, 64% of black women said they weren’t concerned about the physical signs of aging and 65% percent of black women have no desire to use anti-aging treatments or procedures (compared to 58 percent of white/Caucasian women and 46 percent of Hispanic/Latina women). They also believe a woman stops looking “sexy” at 64, which was almost 10 years past the age women of other races gave.

Are you surprised by these findings, Clutchettes? Do you believe black women age better than other races?

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  1. Camryn

    You women on this site are so fucking miserable it’s pathetic.

    So what she used a photo of Halle Berry. Is she supposed to sit around and try to figure out who YOU”D want to see as a photo?

    If you don’t like the photo used, go start your own blog & use someone else as an example.

    And for the record Halle has always identified herself as a black women, regardless if her mother is white.

    And so what she’s had a nose job.

    So did Janet Jackson, Tyra and plenty of other black women.

    Get the fuck over it.