We’ve all heard the old adage “black don’t crack” and more than a few of us believe it’s true, according to a recent survey by Allure Magazine. The glossy polled 2,000 women and men about aging and learned that 86% of the African-American participants believed they age the best (only 81% of Asians, 53% of Hispanics/Latinos and 46% of Whites/Caucasians answered that way about their ethnic group).

From our own mothers and grandmothers to celebrities like Halle Berry, Phylicia Rashad and Iman, we take pride in watching black women age with wrinkle-free skin, glowing skin and age-defying beauty.

Our confidence in aging extended to other questions on the survey as well. 81% of black women said they look younger than others their age, 64% of black women said they weren’t concerned about the physical signs of aging and 65% percent of black women have no desire to use anti-aging treatments or procedures (compared to 58 percent of white/Caucasian women and 46 percent of Hispanic/Latina women). They also believe a woman stops looking “sexy” at 64, which was almost 10 years past the age women of other races gave.

Are you surprised by these findings, Clutchettes? Do you believe black women age better than other races?

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  1. The Moon in the Sky

    But Halle Berry is biracial, not Black.

    • apple

      cool maybe that will work when someone who looks like her gets stop by the cops

    • The Moon in the Sky

      Right now, the focus is on whether or not ‘black’ skin doesn’t crack.

    • Keshia

      I’m with you Halle is not black, they could have chosen another woman…but nevertheless black don’t along with leading a good lifestyle.

    • SeeMe

      I thought the same thing: Halle is bi-racial and a surgery junkie. Why use her? It was a great opportunity to quickly celebrate the browner hue(s) in a [global] society that always finds a way to tell black people with darker tones that they’re, uh, less worthy. But nope. Oh well. Maybe they will replace the picture with one of Mariah Carey #sarcasm

    • Hmm..

      That’s exactly why I said she doesn’t age due to being half-black. Other than staying in great shape and eating healthy.

  2. Amabel

    UGH, I’m really starting to question content like this from blogs, who label women like Halle Berry “black”. I’m really starting to see the point that crazy dude who goes by the name of Perspective, was making when he points out that black women are not conscious about who they choose to represent them. HALLE BERRY IS BIRACIAL NOT BLACK! She doesn’t represent most black women in the slightest. Unless black women don’t care, then it is what it is.

    • Halle Berry may be biracial but lets be frank most people wouldnt know it if she didnt broadcast it. Her phenotype is mostly of African descent.

    • Thank you!!! It’s about time Clutch gets called out. It’s ridiculous. They could’ve used Gabrielle Union or Kenya Moore, these women are well into their early 40s and still look hot and have beautiful dark skin.

      Perspective is right. On one hand we’ll get the articles about kinky, nappy hair and colorism-yet they’ll throw up Paula Patton, Halle, and Chanel Iman and lump them in. It’s bad enough that women with darker skin, fuller lips, and wide noses aren’t represented enough in the media-but on a BLACK WOMAN’S WEBSITE??!!! C’MOONN. If we want our little black girls to feel validated about their kinky hair and dark skin, then we need to stop recycling the Halle’s and the Paulas. just sayin’.

      Why do we always pull on them??!!! Queen Latifah is a beautiful 43 year old woman and brown skinned. Who else?!! Oprah still looks good. Why oh why Halle Berry though!!!!???

    • Amabel

      VERY TRUE! I just want the women to see the hypocrisy when we cry colourism and racism, yet continuously put up Halle Berry, Paula Patton and Lauren Londen to represent “black” anything. Not to mention these women are STALE AS H*LL. We cry about others not recognizing the beauty within black women who have minimal or any influence of Euro ancestry, but keep on backpedaling by throwing up pictures of biracial women, its like we have cognitive dissonance, or stockholm syndrome. We either create a standard that encompasses what the general black female population looks like, or continue to be slighted. So which one is it going to be? And if they choose the latter, THEN STOP COMPLAINING when we have a black beauty contest.

  3. Prissy1

    I think it’s mostly due to the melanin, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t have to worry about it at all. Maybe not as much as whites and other races, but we still need to wear SPF, etc. Iman is gorgeous as is Grace Jones. Oh let us not forget about Ruby Dee. Fab!

  4. LolaChi

    Halle looks great! Angela Bassett, Janet Jackson, Michelle Obama, Iman, etc look just as amazing too.

    • Seriously, FLOTUS’s skin is like silk. Not only are her arms amazingly toned, but yeah, her skin is flawless and smooth.

  5. apple

    im counting on this anti aging thing, with the time i’m loosing , i’m gona need more years to replace these