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It’s International Women’s Day, a hallmark dedicated to empowering and uplifting as sisters as well as acknowledging women that stride toward global gender equity. The first International Women’s Day occurred March 19, 1911 to commemorate the efforts of suffrage fighters and it the tradition has continued for more than 100 years.

There are some IWF staples, including the UN Women for Peace in New York’s March on March 8, but for women with monies to make and families to support, attending a march or seeing a screening of “Girl Rising” might not be feasible. Limitations don’t bar participation, however, so we’ve compiled a brief list of online events happening throughout the day. Ladies, be courageous and raise your voice for global progress today.

Play Half the Sky, a new Facebook application that uses interactive characters to show players the plights of girls around the world. Johnson & Johnson and the Pearson Foundation are sponsoring the game and if enough players take the plunge, $500,000 will be donated to the Fistula Foundation and Room to Read. Find Half the Sky at apps.facebook.com/halftheskymovement and tweet #HalftheGame to follow the journeys of other women playing.

Tweet to end violence against women. We send tweets about Chris Brown’s latest rant, but using our digital voices to promote change is also important. Join the National Resource Center of Domestic Violence in a 24-hour tweet-a-thon to increase awareness about gender-based violence. Use the hashtag #EndVAW to join the thousands of women participating.

Donate a Facebook status update to One Woman Song, a release from UN Women. To hear more about this initiative and to spread the word about “One Woman” song, visit song.unwomen.org.

Tell your story. Every Mother Counts is tweeting all day to encourage women to share their stories. It is a part of their “Change the Story” initiative, which will use the stories told to create a celebratory poem. Learn more about “Change the Story” at everymothercounts.org.

Hug a woman. Kind gestures go much further than the internet. If you see a woman in distress today, comfort her. Hug your mother and sister and aunts and nieces and cousins. Encourage them to tell their stories through social media as well.

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