Daja Blount

The New Orleans Police Department is searching for Daja Blount. The 13-year-old has been missing from New Orleans East since early Monday afternoon.

She was last seen at 12:15 p.m. on the 8800 block of Curran Road, which is located between Lucerne Street and Curran Boulevard. Blount left her home with her mother to go to the store, but her guardian has been unable to contact the teenager and her mother since then.

Authorities describe Blount as an “African-American girl black braided hair.” No estimated height, weight or other descriptive physical features have been released. The police told the Times-Picayune that Blount was last seen wearing a “yellow hoodie and black-and-white polka dot pajama pants with a monkey print.”

This story is still developing.

Anyone with information about Daja Blount’s whereabouts is urged to call 504-821-2222.

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  • Megan

    I just hope none of them were targeted into sex trafficking, its very common all.over the world, ages 6-25, of every race!!! Sometimes older depending on what the traffickers want, people Think it only happens in movies or Africa or Europe…but its very real and it happens just as often in the U.S, a 32 billion dollar industry, 27 million girls a year, sold to.different countries or local places, forced to sleep with 8-25 men a night, beaten and used constantly, most people are ignorant to the fact trafficking is all around us, construction sites, warehouses, abandon houses, trailers, salons, bars, strip clubs…etc!! I PRAY AND HOPE that’s not the case and Hope they are found safe and sound!



    Giving a reply I don’t understand why the FBI not checking all these Arabs we have here in my neighborhood the Arabs flirt with the yung teenagers they have a white van with metals cover all over they windows in the back MAY JESUS BLESSED THEM ALL 1Love