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Welcome to Friday Finds! The spot where I share with you some of the cool things I stumbled upon during the week. Enjoy!

1. Get into Stories about Prince.
Few things are funnier than made-up, satirical celebrity profiles/stories. (If you’re a New Yorker and you are not following Miguel Bloombito on Twitter, rectify that right now.) Stories about Prince is the latest blog to add to that esteemed list of hilarious celebrity satire. On the blog, handwritten stories written by a “close friend” of Prince go into glorious detail about Prince’s personal life. There’s stuff about Prince trying out online dating, buying a futon off of Craigslist and all sorts of random regular-person activities that you could not really imagine the Purple One doing. I can’t do these stories justice. You have to go read the blog.

2. You’ll need a tissue for this real life love story.
My Wife’s Fight With Breast Cancer (The Battle We Didn’t Choose) is an amazing online photo essay created by a man who’s wife was diagnosed with cancer when sh was in her 30s. You are guaranteed to shed a tear at the love radiating from your computer screen. Be sure to read the blog too, especially the post about iCal.

3. This is the most hilarious and NSFW health food blog ever created.
Thug Kitchen (Very NSFW language) is one of my favorite online finds in the month of March. It is down right hilarious. You’ll get useful info about how to make smoothies at home and quick dinner recipes, but you’ll get some Samuel L. Jackson-level cursing in there too. Put it this way, the tagline for sit is “Eat Like You Give A F*CK.” Enough said.

4. Toni Morrison as a teenager = adorable.
FlavorWire put together an eclectic collection of pictures of famous authors before they were famous. Included in the bunch is Chloe Wofford who we now know as the infallible Ms. Toni Morrison. The picture of her at 18 with her high school classmates is priceless. Pretty sure it is the only picture I’ve seen of her without an afro or locs.

5. The Awesome People Hanging Out Together Tumblr is pretty awesome. Duh.
The Awesome People Hanging Out Together Tumblr is pretty much what you would expect. It’s photo after photo after photo of mostly obscure/random photographs of famous people hanging out together. There are a few really random pairings like Diana Ross and Groucho Marx. It’s a great site to flip through when you need/want to waste a little time.

Demetria Irwin is a New York City-based freelance writer/editor. Follow her on Twitter, @Love_Is_Dope.


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