Olympic gold medalist Gabrielle Douglas isn’t 18 yet, but she’s already churning out the memoirs like a boss.  Douglas is preparing to  publish Raising the Bar, a follow-up to her  best-selling memoir Grace, Gold & Glory: My Leap of Faith, on April 30, the publisher Zondervan said in a release. According to Reuters, the book will offer a behind-the-scenes look into Douglas’ life, including color photos, personal stories and details on the athlete’s present-day life — from walking red carpets and appearing on TV shows such as The Vampire Diaries while also making time for friends, family and training. “Raising the Bar explores what it’s like to be an everyday teen with a not-so-everyday life,” Zondervan’s release  said. Zondervan specializes in Christian-oriented books under the HarperCollins division. Since the 2012 London Olympics thrust the gold-medal gymnast into the public eye, Douglas has appeared at the Democratic National Convention, the MTV Video Awards, on the cover of Time magazine and on special-edition boxes of cornflake cereal.

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  • D.T.

    I can’t be the only one shaking my head at this picture…..

    • Chic Noir

      What’s wrong with it ?

    • Tallulah Belle

      I’m afraid that you are.

    • Mademoiselle

      I agree with D.T. Any time I see a photo with a direct camera shot of a person’s, particularly a woman’s, and especially a young girl’s crotch, it makes me cringe. I wish her legs weren’t positioned like that.

  • ivrop

    Memoir: an autobigraphy or biography on the personal account, reminiscences, or collection of event etc., not age nor gender, or orienation specific. Each one teach one, FAMILY…I’m dropping the mic!

  • sheeda1222

    i find that any time that we have someone like her that is in the news the criticism is at an all time high .. i wish people would stop talking about her and makina big deal about everything she does.. 1st the hair now the memoirs leave that young lady alone she is doing her thing and needs to be encouraged to keep on keeping on.. ivor tjank you for clarifying the definition of memoir for those who did not know that age does not determine having the ability to write memoirs .

  • Bosslady

    I like Gabby :-) I’m not particularly in to athletics but she seems like a lovely girl. However, as a few have stated, I personally think she’s too young to be on her second memoir. I’m 28 (a good decade on her) and I still know I (God-willing) have many years of living and learning to do. This isn’t shade at her, I feel the same about Justin Bieber’s memoir and pretty much anyone under 30 unless you’ve been in the limelight since you were really young and have had quite an eventful life, such as Britney Spears. However there is demand there for it, so do you Gabby.