In “he tried it” news, Robert Zimmerman Jr., brother of Trayvon Martin’s killer George Zimmerman, went on a Twitter tirade against black teens. Zimmerman shared a comparison photo of Martin and De’Marquis Elkins, a 17-year-old accused to shooting a child, captioning the photo with “Any questions?”


There are plenty of questions left unanswered, including why Robert’s brother George was following Trayvon in a community he rightfully belonged in and how a gun entered the equation at all. Zimmerman continued his Twitter rant, criticizing the media for demonizing his brother and victimizing Martin.

GZ3GZGZ1When Zimmerman was rightfully challenged about his assumption about black teenagers, he revealed his true ideologies about blackness.


White victimhood is at its finest. As Mediaite points out, Martin and Elkins have little in common other than their complexion and their ages.

“The only thing Trayvon Martin and De’Marquise Elkins have in common is that they are black teenagers who have middle fingers. That’s where it ends, but the differences between the two are many. Trayvon Martin isn’t accused of any crime, while Elkins is accused of murder. Elkins is alive, and will have an opportunity to defend himself. Trayvon Martin is dead, and can’t defend himself against the despicable comparison of himself to an alleged baby-murderer.”

However, in the eyes of the Zimmermans that is enough because all black teens are killers.

George Zimmerman will stand trial on June 10.

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