Famous FarrahWe live in a celeb-obsessed society where wealth and fame outweigh moral compass and decency, particularly in mainstream hip-hop culture. “Famous Farrah,” a new web series from producer Khaliah Neal and writer Chuck Neal, uses humor to subvert the glitzy hip-hop culture and eternal itch for fame.

The nine-episode season follows Farrah Satrapi, a disease scientist facing a quarter-life crisis. After an uneventful birthday full of disappointments, Satrapi encounters The Cake Boys, a gimmicky hip-hop group with major branding potential but questionable talent. Satrapi joins the group after being approached by the Cake Boys’ leaders and the hip-hop adventures ensue.

“Famous Farrah” is hilarious with wry dialogue highlighting the comedic mishaps. It is also a transformative web series for women of color because of the usage of Persian, African-American and Puerto Rican women both in front of and behind the camera.  The web series’ award-winning director, Talibah Newman, is responsible for “Busted on Brigham Lane,” a short film that aired on HBO while Khaliah Neal has produced projects for independent and established production companies.

“Famous Farrah” is also one of the first web series to capture the quarter-life crisis plaguing many young women of color.

QuarterlifeCrisis.com reports the QLC is “essentially a period of anxiety, uncertainty and inner turmoil that often accompanies the transition to adulthood.” The phrase was coined in 1997, when writer Abby Wilner graduated from college and couldn’t organize a definitive plan for her life. Her trials resulted in Quarterlife Crisis and Quarterlifer’s Companion, two books chronicling her experience.

Quarter-life crises are impacting millennials at higher rates than they did previous generations because it takes longer to become an adult in this century. We establish our financial independence later and begin families when we’re much older according to Wilner.

We might not join a hip-hop group when we’re tackling quarter-life crises, but we communicate our distress in different ways. This series captures the essence of the quarter-life conflict well.

If nothing else, “Famous Farrah” is excellent when seeking a great laugh after a dismal day.

Check out the first episode below and visit Famous Farrah’s website for more of her hilarious adventures.


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