JadaJada Pinkett-Smith has spent a bulk of her career advocating for often-voiceless communities including women and children. Some of her most powerful sentiments are shared on her Facebook page, signed with a simple “J” and reaching more than 3 million followers. This time Pinkett-Smith’s discussing domestic violence, which she’s deemed “emotional murder.” She used an older photo of Rihanna lined with the words “How could you murder us? No love allowed” to extend emotional murder from domestic violence to various ways men and women are abused in relationships.

The Facebook post lists several ways we objectify our partners, including lack of acknowledgement lack of gratitude and appreciation, passivity and domination, which all murder the heart according to Pinkett-Smith.

She also asserts how jaded the world is to this abuse.

“I don’t think we recognize how much, in how many ways, or all the justifications we give ourselves to USE people in the name of love. It’s one of the worst crimes. I don’t think we realize how easily we are willing to dispose of a person after the feelings are all used up,” she writes.

Pinkett-Smith chides and nurtures simultaneously in all of her Facebook expositions. This release is no different.

Read Jada Pinkett-Smith’s full observation of “emotional murder” below.



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