Jesse L. Martin Replaces Lenny Kravitz In Marvin Gaye Biopic- Clutch Magazine

It looks like Lenny Kravitz isn’t portraying Marvin Gaye, in the Julien Temple production of Sexual Healing.  After it was announced, last year, that Kravitz secured the leading role,  Marvin Gaye’s son, Marvin Gaye III,  threatened legal action if the film moved forward in its production. Kravitz was reported as being a long time friend of  the soul singer’s son.

Deadline is reporting that Kravitz has been replaced with Jesse L. Martin. Martin, whose past credits include Law and Order as well as starring in Rent, was originally slated to star in the movie five years ago when it was being produced by James Gandolfini.  Sexual Healing will focus on Marvin’s life in Europe during the early 80’s, when he was attempting to get his life back on track. The film is being produced by Vassal Benton and Fred Bestall, and is set to begin production later this month in Europe.

 Personally, when I heard that Kravitz was taking on the role, I was a bit disappointed. Not saying that I’m not a fan of Kravitz, but I didn’t think he could pull off the acting. But Martin on the other hand, I was sold on him playing the role 5 years ago.  If Kravitz did bow out of the role because of his relationship with the Gaye family, I commend him.

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  • Nadell

    HOORAY! Exciting news! And it seems folks in the decision making positions listened. Many vented and expressed their frustration with Kravitz as the choice instead of Martin.
    I’m glad – I think Matin is a better choice.
    (wish this could’ve happened for Nina Simone’s movie….)

  • Bonjour

    I think he’s a better fit for the movie. I don’t see Kravitz doing this. He looks exactly like Marvin and he can act so it should be a good movie. Can’t wait to see it.

  • ArabellaMichaela

    Don’t know how Martin sings, but he certainly looks just like Marvin. He even exudes Marvin’s aura. That is how you’re supposed to cast a movie. (Nina Simone’s biopic producers and Zoe Saldana take note!!)

  • I thought he was the choice for some years now; this is my first hearing that Lenny was even on the table, LOL