When the proverbial stuff hits the fan in your relationship, it’s always good to have some kind of solidarity among your women friends or castmates in Porsha Stewart’s case.

Singer, songwriter, Kandi Burruss hosted a teleconference today for her latest Bravo reality competition show, “The Kandi Factory,” during which she addressed the news of Porsha and Kordell Stewart’s split:

“My heart really goes out to Porsha,” she told Clutch. “I really hope they work it out. I don’t want to dig in their marriage but I’m sending my heart to her.”

Kandi also revealed why she chose to do another reality show and the unexpected situation that inspired the series. “I wanted to do another show that gives people the opportunity to pursue their dreams,” she said.

She admitted to being inspired by her experience helping former “Real Housewives of Atlanta” cast mate, Kim Zolciak, create her hit record “Tardy for the Party,” a business arrangement that has since went sour as Kandi is now suing Kim over royalties.

Her show should have a more favorable outcome as the Grammy award-winning star helps 16 aspiring musicians jumpstart their successful careers. She will offer two protégés with zero experience an opportunity of a lifetime and give them the illustrious “Kandi Stamp of Approval.”

“Artists must take everything they learn and own it! It’s showing that you are serious about your craft,” Kandi tells Clutch.

Will you tune in to “The Kandi Factory,” Tuesday, April 9th at 10 PM EST, Clutchettes?

-Nikki B.

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  • How many times is Kandi going to do “Kandi Factory”? I feel like I’ve seen this show come and fail several times over the last few years.

    • TY


    • KMN

      You know I’ve never watched her show…I’ve kind of backed away from reality tv for a bit…BUT I think you might be feeling that way because there are SO MANY shows out here like that.

      Reality tv is just a regurgitation of itself…Kandi Factory, that X show, American Idol, the Nick Cannon show…it’s all the same IMO…just different host.

      But I like Kandi and I hope she succeeds…


  • Robbie

    I would watch but I don’t have cable. Who knows, she may find a superstar among these 16 contestants. Not a fan of the singer/TV persona but I dig her new reality show.