ObamaPresident Obama is facing the firing squad. Liberals are castigating him for seeking a grand bargain with obstructive Tea Party Republicans. Diversity-initiative groups are lambasting POTUS for his whiter and more masculine second-term cabinet. Human rights advocates are discharging bullets, hoping to harm the administration’s drone policy.

However, Jay Carney, the White House Press Secretary, is urging critics to keep calm and hold judgment. He was responding to a letter from Ohio Rep. Marcia Fudge, chair of the Congressional Black Caucus. She wrote the president expressing her concern for lack of diversity in his second-term cabinet.

Fudge’s concern is valid. Obama has appointed white men and women to oversee all open vacancies, including the Secretary of State, Secretary of Defense, and the Director of the CIA.

But he isn’t finished yet. “There are obviously still appointments the president will be making,” Carney said in a press conference. “The president is committed to diversity. He believes that having a diverse Cabinet and a diverse set of advisers enhances the decision-making and deliberation process for him and for any president.”

Carney’s “keep calm” encouragement transcends cabinet appointments and into the president’s other political fights.

Drones kill. The Bureau of Investigative Journalism estimating as many as 98 percent of drone strike casualties are civilians instead of suspected terrorist targets. President Obama and his administration have concealed most of the drone program from the general public citing national security issues. And as expected, Republicans are raising their voices.

Keep calm.

Some Congressional Democrats think President Obama’s bargaining with Republicans is futile. The extreme right-wing of the GOP isn’t budging, so it’s pointless to negotiate with them. Ezra Klein writes in his March 2 column, “The bottom line on American budgetary politics right now is that Republicans won’t agree to further tax increases and so there’s no deal to be had. This is not a controversial perspective in D.C.: It’s what Hill Republicans have told me, it’s what the White House has told me, it what Hill Democrats have told me.” Republicans are obstructionists. President Obama faces an uphill battle in combating them.

Keep calm.

All of their scrutiny is warranted. No president, including the first African-American, is precluded from criticism. Voters and fellow politicians should interrogate the policies of our Commander-in-Chief to ensure his second-term agenda aligns with the needs and desires of the nation. But wait until the president acts before firing at him.


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  • D.T.

    I’m so tired of this worship of President Obama. I remember being critical of him during his second term election and you would have thought I was cursing God the way black people were offended by MY opinions. I just got to a point where I now won’t say anything (good or bad) about him.

    And if you think it’s bad talking about the president, I dare you to say anything critical about the First Lady. May God have mercy on your souls……

  • r u reddy

    The question arises . . . was Obama ever a thrown bone, or was Obama a trick and a baited hook right from the start?

    Is Obama what is called a “Judas horse”? ( A “Judas horse”
    is a trained horse trained to gain the confidence of wild horses and lead them into to corral for capture).

  • r u reddy

    I am so gratified that my very first comment here was printed that I will dare submit a longer one . . .
    I still don’t regret my Obama vote in 2008. I still think keeping McCain/Palin out of office saved us from much worse things. But mounting disappointment/frustration led me to vote Third Party in 2012 which I also don’t regret. I note with hopeful interest that others are also ready to submit the unfolding Obama Administration
    to a sceptical re-asessment, or even an agonizing re-appraisal.
    My dismay began when a still-new President Obama said, among other things, that we need to “look forward, not back”. That was not the commitment to extensive investigations and prosecutions-where-called-for
    of the crimes of the outgoing Administration. The studied refusal to investigate any major Gang Bankers for major prosecution began looking evermore like an effort to grant them immunity and impunity to “do it all over again”. Mounting disappointment has prepared me to read and consider blogs which I would NEver have paid attention to as recently as two years ago.
    One such blog is called The Confluence by Riverdaughter, an HClinton activist/supporter. Boo? Hiss? I used-to would have agreed. But she went into very painful detail about elements of Primary Season 2008 which perhaps merit serious consideration. She has also written about
    the pro Gang-Banker policy of this White House, and the casually mysogynistic atmosphere within the White House and how it lead to the active suppression of efforts on the part of female staffers and regulators to regulate or even truthfully analyze the actions of the Gang Bankers. Here is a link to some things that Riverdaughter (and co-blogger Katiebird) have written. Ghttp://rivhttp://riverdaughter.wordpress.com/conflucian-classics/erdaughter.wordpress.com/conflucian-classics/

    Another blog is Naked Capitalism, written by financial analyst Susan Webber under the nom d’keyboard Yves Smith. She and guest posters examine in legalistic and academic detail the various aspects of the financial/lending/foreclosure frauds and crimes past and ongoing. She (and others) have also written detailed articles about President Obama’s role in immunizing and impunitizing the criminals http://www.nakedcapitalism.com/2011/08/matt-stoller-what-presidency.htmlfor their crimes and carefully facilitating their ongoing crimes now and in future. Here is one example of that sort of article to be found there.

    Finally, here is a short article by analyst Glen Ford of the Black Agenda Report called: Obama, The More Effective Evil. http://blackagendareport.com/content/why-barack-obama-more-effective-evil