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Keyshia Cole is at it again on Twitter. I’ve lost track of how many times she’s argued with fans or tried to put other artists on blast, but on the heels of Beyonce’s release of “Bow Down”, Cole had a few choice tweets directed to the Houston singer:




The response to Keyshia’s version of “keeping it real” last night hit an all time low.



There were several death threats from people who consider themselves a part of  Beyonce’s bumble bee infestation called the “beyhive”.  Sure Keyshia pointed out the hypocrisy in Beyonce’s “Bow Down” lyrics, but you’d think she would realize by now, the Beyonce-machine is at 100 right now, and feeding into a supposed diss track only fuels the controversy.

After her Beyonce rant, Keyshia decided it would be a good idea to promote her own music and appearance on the Jimmy Kimmel show, promoting her own music and performing “Trust & Believe”.

When a celebrity voices their opinion via a social media outlet do you think it turns away fans or possibly garner new ones?

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  • Simone L

    She may be perceived as bitter or a hater (that comment about Michelle at the Superbowl was uncalled for) but apparently, when you have a difference of opinion and express it on the internet, may God have mercy on your soul. She is entitled to feel however she wants to feel, but how she chooses to voice it…meh. And then Beyonce’s gang comes and e-whoops up on her.

  • E.M.S.

    Yes Keyshia can have her opinions but it seems like she just can’t let anything go. GET OVER IT. Be an adult, be a professional, and move on. She sounds like a whiny broken record. We get it, you don’t like B or her clique, you don’t have to remind us with every little tweet.

  • Blaque217

    I could almost understand it if Keyshia Cole was giving an interview and someone asked her opinion about Beyonce’s lyrics, but hell, WHO ASKED HER? She just decided to go on Twitter and be ugly…again. She is a professional artist and should try to have a little more class!

  • MMK

    Everyone’s entitled to their opinion, but wait. Let’s think about this. This is the same Keyshia Cole who lambasted Michelle for her superbowl performance. Now, women need to stick together? Wait. She didn’t give herself this same memo? SMH.

    I would give her a high-five if I didn’t find her advice hypocritical.

    Folks are up in arms because Beyonce cursed and made a song that I find funny and sort of tongue and cheek-ish. No one was upset when she gave us all the anthem DIVA, which could be construed as ahem a “slapback” song.

    Write about Keyshia Cole when she’s taking her own advice.