Mississippi Passes ‘Anti-Bloomberg Bill’ To Ban Food Regulation


Mississippi Republican Sen. Tony Smith (above), also owner of the Stonewall’s BBQ chain, thinks the government should stay out of people’s mouths and stop trying to control what people eat. Smith is the author of  Mississippi’s “Anti-Bloomberg Bill”, which aims to ban communities from requiring restaurants to post calorie counts on menus and limit portion sizes.  It also forbids rules from banning toys from kids’ meals.

“If we give government a little more control of our personal rights — where does it stop?” Smith said.

 This may be the first time I agree with a Republican, but did you know Mississippi is the most obese state in the nation?

I find it ironic that Smith plays a part in legislating abortion in Mississippi, apparently thinking that  government should control the reproductive rights of women, but not the amount of calories people eat. If you want unlimited ribs, there’s probably a rib shack on every corner, but if you want an abortion, there’s only one place in the state to get one.

Smith’s bill received huge bipartisan support, and the governor is expected to sign it. There were only a few naysayers who said that local government should be allowed to make their own rules.

Chip Johnson, mayor of Hernando and president of the Mississippi Municipal League, disagrees with the law.

“We are still one of the most obese states in the nation, and I think it’s our job to help educate the public,” he said. “Sometimes that might take the form of menu labeling.”

On one hand, you have New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s effort to make his city less fat, but here’s Mississippi, proving they want big government away from their plates and waists.

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  • Stanley

    When I saw the tittle I asked myself: Is Mississippi the fattest state in America?
    Now, let me read to learn.

  • omfg

    anything mississippi is for, i’m against.

    didn’t they just outlaw slavery? seriously. didn’t they?

  • LKJ

    I don’t understand why allowing people to make better informed decisions about the foods that they eat is such a problem. What is wrong with calorie counts on display when you order food? Especially when obesity is a huge problem now in the U.S. and predicted to be an even bigger problem in the next 20-30 years.

  • LemonNLime

    Mississippi the fattest state and the 3rd least educated in the Union. Nothing they do surprises me.

  • Treece

    I am not a Republican nor do I typically agree with anything a politician who is Repub. says, BUT……I see his point in some ways. Banning certain foods and beverages is another step down that slippery slope. People need to be able to make wise choices for themselves, and that means knowing how many calories (on average) a food or drink contains, what a decent portion size is, how many hours of exercise needs to be done a week, etc. I think that if the government wants to get involved in the “fight against obesity” they should just restrict it to education, as in educating the public on what is healthy and what contributes to a healthy lifestyle, and what doesn’t. Also, not eliminating sports programs and PE in schools and including health education (nutrition, possible health problems one could face from an unhealthy diet, etc.) in PE starting in elementary school. The part of it I think should stick is informing consumers of the nutritional information in the foods we buy in restaurants. We have the right to know what we are eating. But banning foods and drinks is excessive.

    • YP

      “The part of it I think should stick is informing consumers of the nutritional information in the foods we buy in restaurants.”

      The law states that municipalities can’t pass laws requiring restaurants to give the nutritional content of the food they serve. While I don’t agree w/Bloomberg’s law banning large beverage purchases, the Mississippi law is completely ridiculous. What is Mississippi going to do next- ban health education in schools?

    • You mean that have education? This is one state whose government seems to be second only to Texas for ignorance. Yet they get all this money from the Federal Government. Just let President Obama say that they are right to do the stupid things they do and they will allow all the bans. Poor pitiful fools.