AsmaAsma Hanif, a Muslim activist and domestic violence advocate, has dedicated her life and finances to assisting battered Islamic women. She founded Muslimat Al-Nisaa, one of the only shelters for abused Muslim women, and continually lobbies Congressional leaders on behalf of domestic violence survivors.

Hanif is a trained nurse, but she left the hospital system after treating the injuries of so many of her Muslim sisters and seeing the discrimination against them.

Hanif told NPR the American legal system provides little relief to victims who’ve emigrated from other countries because many don’t know the rights afforded to them in the United States. She counteracts this lack of knowledge by teaching workshops and authoring pamphlets like “What A Woman Doesn’t Know Can Hurt Her,” which teaches immigrant women about rape culture and rape prevention.

After giving so much of her life advocating for others, Hanif has lost her home and her income. She now lives in the shelter she founded with her sick mother, who is suffering from Alzheimer’s. Hanif considers her conditions a selfless sacrifice, but some of the women she’s helped want to reward her for her dedication.

They’ve created an IndieGogo fundraiser to purchase Hanif and her mother a home or generate enough to pay rent for one year. The women have raised $25,000 thus far, which is more than the $14,400 requested, but the campaign is running until May 25.

The women of Muslimat Al-Nisaa explain the importance of this campaign best: “Every penny, every dollar that we are all capable of giving, helps build a shelter for Asma as she weathers a storm that we pray nobody should have to go through. Especially alone.”

Click here to donate to Asma Hanif’s campaign for shelter.

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