Forgive me for being so bold, but Teyonah Parris’s Mad Men character Dawn Chambers does absolutely no justice for her real life looks. I get it, the TV series takes place in New York City in the late 1960s so she’s rocking a pretty homely wig on set, but catch her on a red carpet and Teyonah is not only naturally breathtaking, she’s got natural hair to die for!

The South Carolina-raised actress admits she hasn’t always been a naturalista, she just never saw any images in the media of women she could relate to with natural styles. Even on acting auditions, she stressed about not having extensions “laid perfectly” and as straight as could be.

Fast forward a few years and Teyonah has been booking gigs in everything from her transitioning ponytail hairstyle to wavy extensions. “When I went in for Mad Men I actually wore my natural hair in chunky two strand twists and sort of pinned like pin-curls. I thought to myself, why am I freaking out about this?” she told the site, Care For Your Hair.

Flip though for some of Teyonah’s beautifully natural styles, with a twist!

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  • Whatever

    She looks great with each look!

  • TajMarie

    I love her afro.

  • Ms. Vee

    She is absolutely adorable. Love the fro

  • Wanda


  • Pic 5 has that Siedah Garrett/Jody Watley 80s look. That’s my favourite out of the gallery – but as usual, I’m very glad to see a slow resurgence of celebrities/people publicly with afro hair and comfortably not having any qualms with whatever style they choose to have it. That’s the way it should be. There should be no fractious, cabalistic politicisation over it (i.e. ‘Good Hair’ v. ‘Bad Hair’).