NY Giants Football Player Robbed By Groupie Catwoman

In today’s “Groupies Do The Darndest Things” news, it seems as though one managed to get off with $500,000 in jewelry from one unsuspecting, and quite possibly stupid, football player.

On March 24, Rogers was living it up at LIV nightclub in Miami. He apparently met a woman at the club, brought her back to his hotel room, knocked some boots and fell asleep. What he didn’t know was that he picked up the Cat Woman.

When he woke up the next morning, she was gone, and so was his precious jewels. Rogers is now out of: diamond earrings worth $100,000; two wristwatches worth a combined $160,000; a gold necklace with gold pendant worth $50,000; gold bracelets worth $60,000; and a diamond Cuban necklace with a gold pendant worth $70,000. Sure, he may have placed his stash of  “what may lead him to be the subject in the next 30 for 30 episode” in a safe, but I wonder if he bothered to lock it?

In the words of Fred Sanford, “You big dummy!”

Rogers did report the robbery to the police and I’m sure they had a good laugh in their squad car, as well did plenty of people on Twitter.

NY Giants Football Player Robbed By Groupie Catwoman

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  • D

    Wow. I’ll remember these reactions the next time a man commits a crime against a woman.

    What happened to the usual chorus of “it doesn’t matter what the victim does/WEARS/says, they weren’t asking for it and don’t deserve it.” What happened to “He’s the victim. He doesn’t have to do anything differently. We need to teach our young women not to grow up to be groupies and cat burglars.”

    I guess you only get sympathy if you’re a woman stupid enough to drink a gallon of alcohol and pass out in a room full of men.

    • Sweetles

      It’s called a double standard…

    • Okay I was with you until the last sentence. You’re right, the female was wrong to rob him and yes he should’ve used better judgement. He didn’t deserve to get robbed just because he did something stupid. But your rape comment was uncalled for.

    • jcross

      “He didn’t deserve to get robbed just BECAUSE HE DID SOMETHING STUPID”. Yes indeed, it was stupid. Drinking irresponsibly is just as stupid. It’s not automatically ‘supporting rape’ just because one believes that ALL people, male and female, should be aware of their surroundings in certain situations. Yes, I 100% agree that the root of the problem (rape) is the mentally and subsequent actions of the men, but IN THE MEANTIME, it’s not wrong to use a little wisdom since the problem still exists (like in previous articles, women mentioned having friends with you when you know you will be drinking,etc.). If there’s a sign that says “STAND BACK, LIVE WIRE INSIDE” and you go over and touch it anyway and get electrocuted to death because you have the freedom to do what you want (stupid ideas included), then that’s unfortunate. Of course I didn’t want you to die; doesn’t mean that your actions were not stupid. Extreme example, but we could use anything: putting your hands in a beehive, swimming in a shark-infested ocean while your bleeding… To be clear, I’m only alluding to cases where the same thing happens over and over and over under a certain circumstance and people keep acting shocked about the outcome.

    • Mademoiselle

      @jcross Men are not live wire, nor sharks, nor bees. They’re human beings with the ability and the obligation to respect a woman’s safety regardless of what stupid thing she’s doing or how drunk she is. Unless you’re proposing that all men walk around with “WARNING: WILL RAPE WHEN GIVEN THE OPPORTUNITY” signs, then you need to take that victim blaming garbage somewhere else. The women that robbed this man were wrong and should face the full extent of the law. Rapists are wrong and should face the full extent of the law. Both, regardless of who the victim is or what the victim did. This article isn’t even about rape, but since you seem to need the knowledge: all men [and women] are required by law to refrain from having sex [or simulating sex with foreign objects] with anyone who is too drunk, too impaired, or too young to legally consent to it. Absence of someone’s clothing or sobriety do not exempt anyone from that law. That’s the beginning and end of any justification you think applies to what happens to rape victims.

  • Job

    He used poor judgement. However, I see some comments on here thinking it’s funny that a crime was committed against him and making jokes. Complete hypocrisy! Of course if you mentioned that the Steubenville rape victim used poor judgement you will be called a victim blamer/rape apologist.
    In any case, rape or robbery, the victim is never to blame. However, you should always take precautions and try to protect yourself the best way you can.

  • Marisa

    Even after all that’s happened this doofus and the rest of his athletic brethren will still continue on the groupie gold digger path. He is quite lucky that all he got was robbed nobody ever heard of those shows Snapped and Deadly Women. These athlete/entertainer dudes have the poorest choices when choosing females, their at the moment large wallets+ a fat ass or whatever video chick/model standards are these days. Those big egos use their wealth to get women who will do whatever to lower themselves to be with these guys.

    So they can run to twitter and instagram showing off the shoes/bags/cash they get, then the guys want to turn around and scream and shout about groupies. You get what you paid for how many good relationships actually come out of meeting at the club, and going home with anybody you meet on site is a bad idea in general. Either party could be a psycho that’s a chance you just shouldn’t take but, as I type there is sure to be more stupidity to occur with these guys as they don’t take a lesson from their peers. The it wont happen to me syndrome we often see in society in general.