NYPD Officer Brian Dennis Admits To Taunting 13 Year Old During Stop & FriskIn 2010, NYPD Officer Brian Dennis frisked and handcuffed Devin Almonor because he thought he was one of a group of kids causing a ruckus in the area that prompted six 911 calls. The cop claimed Devin, then 13, reached toward his waistband as if he had a gun. Devin was subsequently taken to a local precinct. Police acknowledged Devin didn’t have a weapon. And he wasn’t charged with a crime. Still, the teen and his parents say he was handcuffed to a bar inside the 30th Precinct stationhouse during a chaotic six hours. It was during this time frame that Devin was taunted and accused of “acting like a little girl” because he was crying.

When Devin’s parents, Merault Almonor, a former NYPD cop who retired in 2003 from the 20th Precinct, and Wilma Dore-Almonor, a nursing student, came to retrieve their son, they said they were attacked by police, thrown to the ground and handcuffed. Both of these incidents promoted the Dore-Almonor’s to file a lawsuit against the NYPD, that is still pending.

Yesterday, during the second week of the landmark case against the NYPD’s “stop and frisk” policy, Officer Brian Dennis admitted to taunting Devin during the incident.

The plaintiffs’ lawyers pressed Dennis and another officer, Jonathan Korabel, to explain why they stopped Almonor as he walked alone on a Harlem street in 2010. Dennis testified that while responding to 911 calls about a disorderly crowd in the area, he spotted the teen reach for his waistband as if he had a gun.

“I’m a kid. I’m going home. Leave me alone,” Dennis recalled the boy saying.

Korabel testified that he didn’t recall Almonor’s objections. He claimed the boy was jaywalking and when stopped, started “yelling and making a scene” and “fighting” when the patrolmen tried to frisk him.

“It was a lawful frisk,” Korabel said.

The NYPD has stated that “stop and frisk” procedures has helped drive crime down to record lows. That apparently includes jaywalking.

NYPD Officer Brian Dennis Admits To Taunting 13 Year Old During Stop & Frisk

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