Marco McMillian Marco McMillian was poised to be Mississippi’s first openly-gay elected official. The 34-year-old non-profit consultant, scholar and public servant announced his mayoral bid last month; he had extensive dreams for his native Clarksdale, Miss.

All of this ambition screeched to a shocking halt this week. McMillian was found dead near a levee between Sherard and Rena Lara, Miss., according to the Coahama County coroner. His SUV collided with another vehicle on U.S. Highway 49 Tuesday morning, but McMillian wasn’t in the car when authorities arrived. His body was located more than a dozen miles from the accident, leading law enforcement to believe he was murdered.

Authorities are investigating McMillian’s death as a homicide and have pinpointed a person of interest. That person’s name hasn’t been released and further details are scarce.

McMillian’s campaign’s Facebook page is full of condolences from Clarksville residents and close friends. The last update of that page reads, “We remember Marco as a bold and passionate public servant, whose faith informed every aspect of his life.”

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  • This is so sad, but I don’t see why the media feels the need to put his sexual orientation in the headline. Every source that has reported his unfortunate death lists him as a “gay” mayoral candidate. He was openly gay, so there really is no reason to do this unless its for sensationalism. This could always be listen in the body of the article.

    • blackparacosmistmind

      I wonder if it’s an implication that the murder has to do with hate crime because of his sexual orientation? It could be the case, it’s not like it’s unreasonable.

    • It could be, but if it is, that could come out later, and the headlines could read, “Openly Gay Mayoral Candiate Killed by Heterosexual Homophobe”. If it wasn’t a hate crime, and his life was cut short due to yet another unfortunate act of violence, his sexual orientation should not matter.

  • This is why the DL exists.

  • Old TImer

    His orientation was mentioned because no one would care otherwise. Black man kills another black man? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • Tara

    He looks like he was a decent person. So sad. Rest in peace Mr. McMillan Rest in peace.

  • Bangel

    This is sad and a real tragedy. No one should be killed over this. My prayers are with his family.