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Everyone seems to have an opinion on First Lady Michelle Obama’s style. While Sunday Times Magazine praises her sartorial savvy with a cover and the title of best-dressed, not every designer sings her praises — especially when she doesn’t wear their brand.

Oscar de la Renta is the latest to come forward after Vivienne Westwood and Karl Lagerfeld‘s less-than-favorable assessments of FLOTUS’ look. Mr. de la Renta, who has been a favorite of First Ladies like Laura Bush as well as the wife of losing Presidential candidate Mitt Romney, revealed why he won’t be dressing Mrs. Obama anytime soon:

“It is a relation that began poorly and I think it will end the same way.”

Mrs. Obama prefers to support designers like Rachel Roy, Tracy Reese, Jason Wu and Duro Olowu, and mix high and low with mass retail brands like H&M, J.Crew and ASOS.

Despite her obvious appeal to fashion enthusiasts and widely-reported ability to sell out a garment with a single wear, Oscar de la Renta believes he’s better off focusing on the “everyday woman”:

“An anonymous woman on the street is the woman who influences fashion today, not a movie star or a first lady.”

Tell that to all the people clamoring to dress Mrs. Obama and all of Hollywood.

This isn’t the designer’s first time chiding FLOTUS. He also spoke out when she wore European designers while visiting Europe, as it it’s some kind of crime.

While I’m sure Mr. de la Renta’s comments don’t hold much weight to FLOTUS, I find it shocking that so many designers feel compelled to speak openly about their distaste for her style or strained relationship with her. I don’t recall such conversations being had about other First Ladies but perhaps because of the chorus of voices praising Mrs. Obama, a few feel the need to voice their discontent.

What do you think of Oscar de la Renta’s comments and the very vocal critiques of Mrs. Obama’s style in general?


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