About three years ago a couple of girls decided it would be cool to upload a video of themselves “dancing” on YouTube. Now, back in my day, the dance they were doing was simply referred to as bouncing your butt. But Lady Luscious and Mizz Twerksum referred to it as “twerking”.

Lady Luscious & Mizz.Twerksum started the “Twerk Team” in 2005, but the dance craze didn’t gain popularity until they started uploading videos to YouTube about 3 years ago. Their channel has over 75 million views and over 300,000 subscribers. The girls are now managed by Mizz Twerksum’s mother and have made their way into hip-hop culture. They’ve been mentioned in songs by Wacka Flocka, Juicy J and Drake.

Nowadays, you can find thousands of people twerking on YouTube.

Young and old.

I won’t post a video of a young twerker, because I don’t find little girls on YouTube doing provocative dancing cute. Where are their parents?

Even men are twerking:


Not only are people twerking at home, there are twerking competitions. People have won money from twerking. Go figure.

Personally, I don’t get the whole twerking phenomenon. I do find the amount of videos of little girls and boys on YouTube doing the dance a bit disturbing. Once again, where are their parents? If my mother ever saw me as a kid, bouncing my butt around, I probably wouldn’t be able to sit on it for a couple of days after she got done with me.

But of course, once something catches on, white people take it and run with it. Unfortunately the videos on YouTube of white girls twerking were a bit too explicit. But I did come across one that wasn’t.

Yesterday, Miley Cyrus, yes Hannah Montana, decided to join the “Twerk Team” dancing to “Wop” by J. Dash & Flo Rida:

Thankfully, she’s fully clothed in a cute onsie.  Miley’s video has since gone viral, of course.  So I’m sure there will be a thousand other videos of people twerking in costumes all over YouTube by the end of the week. By people, I mean white people.

But on the other hand, maybe twerking in a costume is better than having little girls and women twerking in their underwear.


What’s your opinion on “twerking”? Do you find it distasteful? Or just another dance?

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  • Dee

    Who are we to say what ANY woman can or can’t do with their body? How they choose to dance is their decision. We should NOT be participating in slut shaming.

    • 232

      There’s a lot of slut shaming on this site, unfortunately.

  • Dee

    In fact, let me quote another article from this very same site:

    “I don’t tolerate women putting down women because of their sexual practices. It’s inappropriate and a detriment to the full empowerment of women across the board…In whatever way you “get yours,” let the next girl “do her” without your vocal and visual lashes.”

    Aren’t we judging these women twerking because we view them as showing off their body and being openly sexual and sexually promiscuous? Why are we doing that?

  • Kevin Miller

    Twerking isn’t dancing! And white people may have taken it up(at least among this GODless generation),but it’s the black people of this Twisted generation that do it most.In fact,I’ve seen videos where they even go beyond just twerking.The go so far as to emulate kinds of rape with their twerking! THAT is NOT Dancing! THAT is plain SICK!

  • Nelson Ta

    I don’t find twerking disturbing, but it sure as hell is not dancing. Twerking is good for sex but that is all for me