Brown Eyes
Sharing an eye color with over half the world’s population doesn’t mean you’re destined to blend in with the crowd. Brown and hazel eyes look amazing in a multitude of colors because they play neutral and don’t compete the way blue and green eyes do. If you’re into playing it safe, those with warm, chocolate-colored eyes can keep their shadows in the brownish-gold family.

But if you want to take it up a notch and break some hearts with those pretty brown eyes, this is definitely the season. The trend for spring and summer 2013 is all-out color, so try purple, blue hues instead.

Here are some of the most flattering makeup colors for brown eyes:

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  • Barbara

    Thanks for the tips for my hazel eyes.

  • Pseudonym

    I have discovered high pigment eye shadow and I am in LOVE!!!!!

    The drugstore brands don’t work for me. Whether I get the brown, blue, purple, or green, once I put it all on it all just blends into my brown skin looks shimmery gold. I recently bought a Smashbox kit (high pigment brand) and now the different colors actually show up like they appear on the palette! I can even layer (i.e. smokey black/silver with a highlight of gold in the middle). So much fun!

    • lunanoire

      You’re right! The high-pigment offered make a HUGE difference! Smashbox had a combo set for sale for dark skin that actually had a picture of a brown-skinned black woman on it. Their eyeshadow colors in gold, navy and purple are awesome! And their eyeliner, blush and lipgloss colors are also great.

      Brown skin needs more intense pigments so that black eyeshadow looks black, not pale gray.