Did you tune into the first installment of “Fashion Queens” on Bravo yesterday evening? The three-episode series stars hairstylists Derek J and Miss Lawrence discussing all things fashion from “haute couture to global style trends,” moderated by style maven Bevy Smith. The talk show includes cleverly-titled segments like “Gag of The Week” and features shade-filled quips about everyone from Andre Leon Talley to Lady Gaga.

The kicker was when the topic of natural hair came up and Derek J voiced his disapproval. The hairstylist revealed he’s “not a fan of the natural hair movement” and declared “natural hair is not for everyone.” Does that mean he believes there are women out there that can’t wear their hair as God made it and have no other option but to resort to relaxers, wigs and weaves? It seems that way. Appearing to back his claim, Miss Lawrence advised women with natural hair to “check [their] density” before wearing an Afro.

Derek J continued his rant on social media, tweeting that “Natural Nazis” we’re going to give him “all types of havoc” for his comments. He then proceeded to share tweets from people that agreed with him.

Screen shot 2013-03-18 at 10.53.46 AM

One of the tweets he shared cited women who look like “The Color Purple” as proof that Derek J’s comment was on point. But the problem is Derek J, and his supporters, can’t distinguish between a styling and maintenance issue versus a texture issue.

There are just as many women who can’t maintain or style their weaves properly; is Derek J not a fan of the weave moment for that reason as well? Clearly, his logic is inherently flawed.

He then related the backlash to racism, tweeting:

Screen shot 2013-03-18 at 10.54.01 AM

Interesting. What’s your take on Derek’s comments, Clutchettes and Gents?

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  • I’m late to this story but, I have been natural before the movement started. I loved being natural until I started seeing everyone who is natural with the same look!! You can be mad at Derrick if you want to but he is right. Some sista’s who are natural look terrible. The texture of the hair should have a curl or a wave to it or it just looks terrible. You can hide behind your computers but be for real. I am going back to my relaxer because I am ready for a change and I don’t want to look like every other natural sista!!

    • Tsk tsk!

      Honey that is the negativity that the natural community does not need. Good on you for going back, because it sounds like you came into it for the wrong reasons and didn’t like what happened. You can’t go around shaming women who are natural for the pattern of curl or kink they have, calling it a mess. You MUST be talking about yourself. You can’t tell a woman what her texture should be, so she won’t “look a mess”. If you hate being natural just because others are joining, girlfriend you shouldn’t have done it in the first place.

  • stacy johnson

    Horrible, just horrible, its a sad shame the natural hair movement. Its embarrassing as a black woman to see the state of black women and their hair. the nappy hair does not look professional neither does it look well groomed. As a licensed hairstylist my opinion is that the nappy hair look is just an attempt for lazy women to get out of taking responsibility for their beauty and upkeep. Wearing a relaxer or straightened hair not make you less black or less connected to your identity a Ts a black woman. Cleaning your hair and properly grooming is a reflection of what level self esteem you have. Nappy hair lowers expectations and reflects poorly on black women as a whole, that nappy mess sets black women back 200 years. Sisters we need to get it together, our hair is our crown and glory.

    • Koko

      damn you stupid

    • Jade

      I agree. Just flat out ignorant. I have been natural for 7 years, and I work in an office environment and I model part time. Natural hair does NOT equal laziness. I keep my hair clean, neatly groomed, and I get it trimmed regularly. And FYI, it is MORE work to deal with natural hair than relaxed hair. So relaxed hair=laziness because you don’t want to take the time to work with your own hair. So get it straight