Forbes has released their annual list of the world’s richest folks and as expected, it’s full of privileged white men. There are few people of color and women highlighted in the publication because though Diddy, Jay-Z and Beyoncé are galaxy stars in our community, their annual revenues are a weekly salary for the high rollers on this list. Despite the evident devoid of Black women, there were some women of color raking in enough dollars to be recognized. We highlight the notable inclusions.

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  1. Starla

    Interesting that the Ugandan, Isabel dos Santos did not make the list and she is actually a woman of colour.

    • Thanks – we will make sure to cover her soon. It was a honest mistake we did not intentionally try to cut her out our list.


    • Gina Wild

      She’s actually Angolan, and the daughter of Angola’s president.

    • In Africa

      And Mrs. Alakija from Nigeria as well.

      Clutch this is disappointing to forget about African women.