Black Girl TravelTraveling is considered a luxury of the privileged, but it shouldn’t be. All people of color should see some world (word to Demetria Lucas). Gorgeous oceans, tropical weather and driving on the left-side of the road shouldn’t be limited to the wealthy and the powerful. Those with fewer resources should have these amazing experiences as well.

Enter “Black Girl Travel,” an Internet-based organization for black women interested in trotting the globe. Black Girl Travel’s mission is to expose black women “to the beauty of the world and to the beauty of [other] black women” by creating customized international tours and programs for individuals and groups of black women.

Developed by black women, for black women, Black Girl Travel organizes original tours to various countries, including Greece, Italy, Egypt and France. Each tour is customized for a specific purpose. For instance, the “Divas and Daughters” trip to Italy is designed to introduce girls between the ages of eight and 17 to Italian culture and encourage intergenerational kinship.

Black Girl Travel is a relatively-new venture from Fleacé Weaver. She organized the first tour, “Bella Italia” in 2006 and had more than 50 participants. This number increased in 2008 and she decided to form “Black Girl Travel” as the requests continued. It has been successful and there are several tours scheduled through 2013 and 2014.

Black Girl Travel also uses tours to promote intercontinental dialogue and charity with “Sistahs Without Borders.” It is included in each tour and encompasses travelers supporting social, conservation and economic development programs by participating in a charitable project e.g. donating books or assisting at an orphanage.

For more information on Black Girl Travel, visit the organization’s website. There is a list of financial resources for travelers included on the page as well and a YouTube page of testimonials.

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