The trailer for VH1’s “The Gossip Game” is here and I’ll be the first to admit I’m disappointed. The show, which debuts Monday, April 1st at 9:00 pm EST, features Kim Osorio, Editor-in-Chief of The Source; Angela Yee, co-host of Power 105.1′s The Breakfast Club, K.Foxx, co-host of Hot 97′s The Cipha Sounds & Rosenburg Show with K.Foxx; Sharon Carpenter of Global Grind; Vibe columnist, JasFly; Ms. Drama, host of Ms Drama TV blog and Vivian Billings of Hip Hop Gossip Site.

Since these ladies enjoy successful careers and have made a name for themselves before reality television, I found myself hoping for a positive show which featured women who are truly on their grind and are making waves in a male-dominated industry. I wanted segments that showed Kim Osorio running an editorial meeting and directing a staff of editors and reporters at The Source or Ms. Drama sharing some of the skills she developed and challenges she overcame while building her own digital empire. And that may still happen.

But the clip which VH1 released ends on a sour and drama-hungry note as Vivian Billings of Hip Hop Gossip Site says:

“I guess this is where we’re all supposed to pretend that we’re cool with each other.”


I should have taken into account that the show is on VH1 and produced by Mona Scott, who appears to have reality TV ratings gold-worthy drama down to a science. There’s also the fact that many of the ladies were already rivals so conflict was inevitable. Still, I would have loved to see a program that does accomplished, extraordinary women justice.

Why don’t networks believe that programs can exist that celebrate successful women without reverting to childish conflict? These women have to be tough in order to survive in the cutthroat media industry; is that tension alone not compelling enough to drive ratings?

The trailer seems to promote yet another “ratchet” reality show where successful women of color are reduced to being catty and combative instead of inspiring and uplifting. I can only pray “The Gossip Game” proves me wrong when it premieres.

Check out the trailer here:

What do you think of it, Clutchettes? Will you watch?


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