Fitting titled “La Reine” (which means Queen in French), Yumnah Najah Designs‘ latest collection is synonymous with all things feminine and regal.

Exquisite hand-painted gems like the “The Purple Reign” rings and earrings series incorporate earthy, rich hues like purple, brown and gold to brilliant effect.

Other pieces burst with energy and vibrance with marigold, red and turquoise colors infused artfully together in Najah’s one-of-a-kind style. Najah says, “What separates this collection is a focus on creating endless unique patterns through experimenting with strong linear themes.”

While the jewelry is painterly and artful, it’s also refreshingly wearable thanks to modern shapes like circular studs, dangling diamonds and even classic hoops.

The cuffs are elegant and bold featuring hand-painted prints on diamond-shaped wood that almost resembles a mask you might see at the museum. The striking centerpiece is held up by black bracelets which create the perfect contrast.

All of Yumnah Najah’s collections have that colorful, artistic flair but “La Reine” stands out for its innovative use of mixed media from wood to beading and its nod to fashion trends of yore like chevron and fringe beadings.

Najah identifies the La Reine woman as one “who carries herself like royalty and isn’t a stranger to bright colors, patterns, and shapes that make a statement. She is comfortable embracing all that makes her unique and she turns heads by exuding an unquestionable presence.”

No matter which piece one chooses to own from the new collection, when you’re rocking Yumnah Najah “La Reine,” you’re showing off a wearable piece of art.

Check out the full collection below and shop here:



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