Beyoncé is back. Sort of. King Bey released a track called “Bow Down/I Been On” over the weekend and the bass heavy, Hit Boy produced track brings out the pop star’s more hood side. Did you know she had one? She definitely wants you to know she has a hood side.

Amidst several growl-like demands to “Bow down bitches,” and a chopped and screwed voice, Mrs. Carter lets fans and haters know a few autobiographical tidbits. Here are some highlights:

1. Beyoncé is not just Jay-Z’s little wife.
2. She is not averse to having a trick smacked.
3. Baby hair and dookie braids were the look for that studio session.
4. Beyoncé was in a Willie D video when she was 14.
5. Beyoncé used to sneak and listen to UGK.

This track is best described as “fun.” The beat is a banger for sure (Hit Boy is good for that) and this will undoubtedly be in regular rotation in the strip clubs. I don’t love it, but as with many Beyoncé tracks it will probably grow on me.

Sonically, it’s an interesting song, lots of layers. But the content? Meh. It’s kind of cute and it’s nice to see Beyoncé show different aspects of her life and personality, but I don’t feel amped by the words and it seems like you’re supposed to listen to it and feel like “Yeah, B!” I’m not on that, the beat is hard though.

If this is any indication on what we can expect from a new album, I’m intrigued. Beyoncé is not playing it safe and I love when artists stretch themselves and explore. Even though I don’t love “Bow Down/I Been On” I hope Beyoncé puts out a video for it. The choreography would be sick.

And I’m sure, the other pop stars and pop star wannabes are a little scared right now. Beyoncé being back in the studio means she’s about to be a problem on the Billboard charts. Hate her or love her, the woman is a phenomenal success and gives 110% when she performs.

Are you feeling Beyoncé’s new song?

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