From devastation to fear to strength and relief, the nation has experienced a whirlwind of emotions this past week. To be fair, I think we all could use some levity.

Treat yourself to humor writer Luvvie‘s clever and expertly-written post “What If The Boston Manhunt Had Happened on ‘Scandal’?”

Its benefit is two-fold as it also helps curb the withdrawal many Gladiators are feeling after the show’s three-week hiatus (some more than others).

Here’s an excerpt:

The Call – Liv gets a call and it’s from the Boston Mayor. A bomb just went off at the annual Marathon, an international event. “We’ve had an explosion at the finish line of our Marathon. People are hurt and we need you.” Olivia says “I will be there in an hour.”

Digging for Dirt – Back at the Gladiator office, Harrison, Abby and Quinn are going through information about the registrants with the news playing in the background. They hear a CNN report saying that the suspects are “dark-skinned” and Harrison drops his papers to call them complete idiots. He changes the channel to MSNBC and throws the remote, adjusting his tie as he gets back to work.

Read the post in full here.

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