I loved Tyrese in The Fast & the Furious, but he’s is no Dr. Phil and perhaps he should quit trying to be.

In his latest interview with AllHipHop.com, the singer turned actor/author launched a brutal tirade against “fat” people. I’d have never guessed Tyrese to be a “chubby chaser,” but I certainly didn’t expect an author of self help books to be a “fat basher.” When asked if he felt an obligation to help people live a healthier lifestyle, Tyrese’s answer was gut wrenching and vomit inducing:

“No two situations are the same. If you are fat and nasty and you don’t like the way you look, do something about it. It’s simple.

When you take a shower and you put your fat, nasty body in the shower and by the time you get out, the mirrors are all steamed up so you don’t look at what you did to yourself. That may sound offensive or insensitive but ultimately, you are big as hell because you have earned that sh*t. You worked your a** off to eat everything in sight to get big as hell.

If you got a problem with the way you look, then you need to do something about it. Excuses sound best to the people that’s making them up.”

And now he’s offered somewhat of an apology on Twitter, saying:

“I’m not apologizing for what I said I’m apologizing for the bad choice of wording and execution of my point around obesity …/Y’all seen my documentary I was brought in this world from a plus size mother and my sisters are plus size as well.. I am concerned always/We always associate addictions to cocaine, Heroine, and or alcoholic abuse… Food is the #1 addiction in American #TruthTweet/This is what happens when you decide to not just be an artist or an actor but use your heart… It creates controversy and unwanted energy/I’m done with the topic… I’m sure my last round of tweets won’t be posted cause the goal is to get hits and traffic on your sites.”

While I’m all for empowering people to take charge of their own health, wellness, and fitness, there is nothing empowering about calling anyone the f word, nasty, or shaming people because of their weight or appearance. And not all people who are struggling with a weight issue are struggling because they cannot control their eating habits. Just like you said yourself Tyrese, no two situations are the same. Some people, (such as myself) struggle with a thyroid disorder; others have genetic issues that predispose them to weight gain, and these aren’t excuses I’m offering up–it’s science.

The old adage “What Susie says of Sally says more of Susie than Sally” rings true, though. Gibson’s comments reveal more about himself than anyone else–particularly his own feelings of blame, shame, guilt, contempt, and disgust for himself–he revealed in a 2009 interview that he at one time had a severe body image issue, and wouldn’t even face himself in the mirror.

“How lucky is it that mirrors steam up after a hot shower?” Tyrese Gibson asks. “I didn’t have to look at what I’d done to myself.” And every morning for a year, he didn’t look.

Gibson went on to offer his own tips for weight loss and becoming comfortable with body image: establishing self love, maintaining control and working at your own pace.

Tyrese, those are great tips. But in the future, please don’t project your personal issues on the rest of the population–the bulk of America who is struggling with obesity. Self love is, as I’m sure you know, hard enough sometimes, without the media and celebrities force feeding us a bunch of negative bullshit about our less than perfect bodies, lives, partners, whatever. We can feel bad about ourselves all by ourselves, without you adding to it. Your negative comments are one thing this “fat girl” will not be eating. Bullshit, like yours, sounds best to the people who are spewing it.

A large part of making shift happen is accepting people for who they are and where they are; meeting them where they’re at. If “fat and nasty” is where they’re at, your comments aren’t going to help. Self love is necessary at every step of the journey; negative self talk and degrading yourself while looking in the mirror is in no way, shape, or form self love. Refusal to look in a mirror is not self love. Accepting the “fat and nasty” is. In fact, perhaps one of the greatest acts of self love is to find compassion for others–something your comments greatly lacked.

I am not asking you to feel sorry for anyone. The bottom line is that everyone should be accountable for their diet and everyone should exercise. However, losing weight is hard–even more so when you have odds against you, so be it a thyroid problem, a genetic predisposition to weight gain, a problem with emotional overeating, depression, an eating disorder, whatever.

What I am asking you to do, however, is to have consideration. Don’t have pity; have consideration.

We aren’t “fat and nasty” and we don’t eat everything in sight, which is why your comments were a little bit hard to digest. I have now let them go where they belong, Tyrese–the shitter.

And now I’m going to the gym.

-April Dawn Ricchuito

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  • Ms Write

    What part of anything anyone has said about this overweight issue read as “coddling” to you? Coddling, no. You just seem to feed off negativity.

  • texaschainsawlovin’

    From Tyrese’s sorry not sorry tweet, I am guessing he either has a lot of women / mom issues that he needs to work on. Way to throw your family under the bus in regards to your anger management / narcissistic issues with overweight people.

    “Y’all seen my documentary I was brought in this world from a plus size mother and my sisters are plus size as well.. I am concerned always” There is a difference bt concerned and caring and abusive and hostile.

  • swade85

    If you’re fat, then own it. I can see if you aren’t fat and someone calls you fat. But if you are fat, how can you get offended when someone else’s recognizes it. We call people big head, big ears, big nose, etc all the time. So I agree with Tyrese. Singing Kumbaya with your group of fat friends won’t lose any calories. If you have a health issue, BUT YOU’RE EATING HEALTHY, that’s one thing. But a lot of these “fat” people AREN’T EATING HEALTHY or GOING TO THE GYM TWICE A MONTH.

    • Anthony

      Personally, being called fat is no big deal to me. Being called fat and nasty is just ill mannered name calling or bullying. Most of us are not blessed to look like Kerrie Washington or Denzil Washington, and people notice traits we have that they find unattractive. Making a disparaging remark about someone and then covering it up with false concern about their health is cowardly.

    • Nope

      I’m skinny. I’ve always been thin, but I don’t agree with you or Tyrese. He is rude. You are rude. Being overweight is a personal issue. It is none of your or Tyrese’s business if people decide that they don’t want to lose the weight.

      Let’ just be real about what this is really about. Tyrese and many people like you find it okay to be disrespectful to overweight people especially women when they don’t look the way you want them to.

      It is not. I just find it rude and disrespectful. And for him to disrespect his fans like that is stupid. Folks need to stop supporting people who can’t even show you a basic level of human respect. These women that he thinks are fat and nasty line his pockets. That’s all the reason he needs to keep his dumb mouth shut. I can’t even believe someone who makes money from the support of fans would open his mouth to say something that could hurt his cash flow. He is pretty dumb, but black women stay supporting guys like this who diss them, so I’m sure many overweight women will continue to listen.

      Other groups of people vote with their feat and purses. If he has such a problem with overweight people, these people should keep their money to themselves.

      I’m so sick of dumb, not funny celebrities trying to be funny by bullying people and being rude. It’s like an epidemic these days that some celebrity opens his mouth to give his stupid opinion. Stick to singing, acting, or whatever you were doing. People have PR people because dummies like him and John Mayer can lose fans and then money from opening their mouths.

      And bullying people about being overweight doesn’t make them want to lose weight. Most people who make these comments just want to put folks down. This is about him wanting to hurt people’s feelings not about him wanting to encourage people to lose weight. And that’s what makes this so bad. These are his fans, and he wanted to hurt their feelings. Yet they will continue to give this insensitive prick their hard earned money.

    • Anthony

      If a noticeable number of fuller fannies refused to take a seat at the next Fast and Furious movie, and polling said Tyrese was the reason, he would have even more time to perfect his physique!

  • Devo

    That’s his opinion ladys and gentlemen if you don’t agree move on. Not saying I do or I don’t agree but that would my opinion. Every body is not here to make us feel better about or self. Get some self esteem if your realy ok with you others opinions of you would not interest you.

    Gentleman always B-)Devo out.

  • Sally Bated

    One thing that some heavy women cannot handle (not all, not even most, just a small percentage) is that some women just have better heredity when it comes to being able to eat alot and stay tiny women instead of getting heavy. I notice have notice some heavy women going around saying that if a woman is very tiny then they must eat very little. Fact is some women can eat the same things as a heavy woman and eat more of them, get very little exercise and stay tiny women. So, sorry to some heavy women but some people just have better heredity than you in that way. Now, I want to point out that eating too much saturated fat and sugar, and getting no physical activity can cause health problems in a skinny person. I am also not saying that all tiny women are big eater but some are. It is like b/c society dogs heavy women, all they got going to feel better is to claim that there are no tiny women who can eat like hogs and not get heavy pugo, pugo. Sorry heavy women but some women have better heredity than others in this regard.