braThree engineering students in India are fighting back against rape culture in an innovative way. They are creating undergarments that will help protect women against sexual harassment and attacks called “Society Harnessing Equipment (SHE).”

The undergarments contain pressure sensors and an “electric-shock circuit board,” which can send up to 82 electric shocks when it detects force. The circuit is placed near the bosom because women are usually attacked there first, according to the students. The undergarment can also alert police or the girl’s parents using a GPS system.

Inspired by India’s recent Delhi and Bangalore rape cases, Manisha Mohan, one of the creators and an engineering student at SRM University in Chennai, warned: “A person trying to molest a girl will get the shock of his life the moment pressure sensors get activated, and the GPS and GSM modules would send an SMS [to the Indian emergency number] as well as to parents of the girl.”

No word yet on how much the undergarments will cost. It’s also unclear how it will be able to avoid harming the wearer but these students certainly win points for innovation.


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