Australian Women Are Not Here For Tracy Morgan Jokes

When you step foot into a Tracy Morgan stand-up show, there are two things you expect to happen:

A) Get offended

B) Laugh

One time in particular, I experienced A & B, but it never dawned on me to organize a mass walk out, like a group of Australian women recently did.

The  Melbourne International Comedy Festival is one of the longest running festivals in Australia. For the last 27 years, tons of comics take the stage and do what they do best, make people laugh, but unfortunately for Morgan, a group of women got offended. The comedian suffered a mass walk-out during his performance in Melbourne on April 13. Fans complained about the overt sexual references and explicit content, which Morgan is known for.

Tankard Resit, a women’s rights activist called Morgan’s show sexist and called for fans to boycott the rest of his dates.

On Monday, Morgan took to the stage as planned for his first show at the Regal Theatre in Perth and stood his ground, telling the crowd: “All I’m trying to do is make people laugh… It’s fear. (Tankard Reist) doesn’t understand me… I love her anyway.”

According to Themusic.com.au, he then aimed a barb at his critics, adding, “Go home and blog some s**t ’cause you ain’t gettin’ any. I don’t give a f**k what you think.”

Tell them how you really feel, Tracy.

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