As promised, Beyoncé delivered a treat for her fans at 9 o’clock this morning. The self-described “modern-day feminist” is doing her signature body rolls and pelvic thrusts in front of mirrors featuring Beyoncé dressed in the outfits from her previous hit videos. Think “Single Ladies” and “Crazy in Love.”  She does a dance routine with all of her selves and ends in an almost orgasmic looking backwards head toss as all the mirrors shatter.

“Embrace your past, but live for now” says Mrs. Carter as she saunters off with a coy smile and a Pepsi in hand. The Timbaland-produced track “Grown Woman” is playing in the background through out almost all of the commercial. The lyrics are more of that “I am woman, here me roar” type of vibe that we heard in “Run the World” and more aggressively in “Bow Down.”

Are you feeling this new track so far? What do you think of the choreography Beyoncé did in this clip? Once her actual video debuts, I think we’ll be seeing women doing that extended arm clap thing in the club. Mark my words.

Oh and can we just stop with song and video teasers? Got new music? Release it! Sheesh.

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  • The commercial was okay, don’t hate or love it.

  • @ YB Uhm that is what you read, correct? So yes, that’s what I wrote. You can consider it “reaching”, however the athletes you listed are 1) Generally approached to be the spokesperson for “healthier” foods and 2) do not have the same target audiance as she does.

    There is a reason why celebrities are picked as spokespeople because yea, they have an influence. If you re-read my comment, you’ll see it wasn’t a blanket statement. I used the operative word “impressionable”. That’s who the focus is, and if you’d ever like to be a fly on the wall in the world of advertisement and see how these decisions are made (including focus groups asking if they’re more likely to purchase what their fav celeb drinks), let me know and I’d be more than happy to show you why it is a race thing.

  • Has everyone missed how hot this commercial is?

    I’m reading about blonde hair, pale foundation (hello, she has a light complexion), unhealthy endorsement.

    All I saw was a black SUCCESSFUL woman who went back to memory lane with her music/looks/dance…you know, the thing that made her famous.

    Thumb me down, I welcome it because all I’m reading is negativity towards someone we DON’T know.

    Jesus y’all relax

  • The Other Jess

    okkkkkk…. I love Queen B, but I HATE her hair! Between her and Mary J Blige, I don’t know whose blonde monstrosity I hate more!

  • Nickie

    One thing though… If she’s doing all that dance/exercise, shouldn’t she be cracking open an energy drink?